Pensioner Discounts In Panama

In Panama, there is a Law 6 from 1987, modified several times through 2008, which allows Disabled, Retirees or elders to receive discounts on many products and services.

If you are a Panamanian National or a Foreigner with established residency in Panama, 55 yr old for women, or 60 yr old for men. Present your cedula or Panama ID card (Green Card or Immigration ID) and you should be entitled to the following:

50% discount on entertainment (movies, theaters, sporting events, concerts and public events) except those destined for charity purposes or to benefit children or homeless

30% discount in buses

30% discount on trains

30% discounts on boats and ferries

25% discount on airfare national or internation with public or private national airlines

Minimum discounts on regular rates for hotels, hostals, motels and pensions as follows:

50% Monday through Thursday

30% Friday, Saturdays and Sundays

25% discount on your individual food bill, except those considered fondas or those that do not require a commercial license to operate

15% discount on fast food chain restaurants (national and international)

20% discount medicines

20% discount doctors fees/visits (general medicine, specialists and surgeons)

15% discount off your total bill of hospitals and clinics (private)

15% discount dental services

15% discount on optometry

20% discount on professional fees and honorariums

20% discount on prosthesis, canes, wheelchairs and other mobility devices

25% discount on energy consumption up to 600k Wh, regular rate applies to the excess usage

50% discount on airport fees 

25% discount on land lines in your name

25% discount on water bill as long as the bill is in your name, it's for a residential account and does not exceed $30 per month - regular rates apply to excess use 

IMPORTANT ONE: 100% DISCOUNT FROM PUBLIC REGISTRY FEES in inscription of board of directors, certifications and inscriptions of new companies, organizations or foundations

20% discount on casket and funeral services

All public or private entities such as banks must have an assigned line for jubilados or pensionados where no lines are needed.

There are fines established for those who violate this law.

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