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Boquete is a small town in Panama It is located in the western-most Province of Chiriqui about 60 kilometers from the border with Costa Rica and lies on the Caldera River in Panama's green mountain highlands.


In Spanish, the word Boquete means 'gap or opening'. It was through this gap that curious gold seekers trekked, looking for a cheaper and quicker way to the Pacific. Farmers began settling the region near the end of the nineteenth Century.

Boquete was founded on April 11, 1911. Initially, the head of the district was Lino, but it was moved soon after to Bajo Boquete. For many years, the district had three "corregimientos" (townships): Bajo Boquete, Caldera, and Palmira. In 1998, the "corregimientos" of Alto Boquete, Jaramillo, and Los Naranjos were created.

In addition to tourism, its main industry remains agriculture, especially the growing of coffee beans. Boquete is well known for its coffee, judged to be among the finest in the world.


Boquete boasts a very lively music and arts scene. The annual Boquete Jazz Festival was founded in 2007 being the second largest JAZZ festival in the country after the Panama City Jazz Festival. Having been renamed Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival, the 2012 festival took place on the first weekend of March.


Some of its landmarks include nearby Volcan Baru, an active volcano and, at 3,475 meters, the tallest point of land in Panama. Hikers enjoy a relatively easy hike up and over the volcano, along with the Sendero de los Quetzales which runs from Boquete up to Cerro Punta and Volcan, on the other side of the volcano.

The Caldera River runs through the town. It is a river that has shaped much of its form.

Immigrant community

There is a large community of immigrants in Boquete; according to La Contraloria General de la Nacion, the government institution in charge of the census, there are over 3,000 foreigners permanently living in Boquete, from over 30 different countries. Although Americans and Canadians comprise the majority of the foreign community, there is also a large group of immigrants from Colombia and Venezuela, and the third largest group of immigrants are from European countries. This increase in immigrants has stimulated the growth of new industries and business, owned both by locals and foreigners. The most relevant industry is the hotel industry; there are currently over 50 accommodations in Boquete, ranging from 5-star resorts to backpacker's motels. Along with hotels, many new restaurants have opened in Boquete.

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