The Amazing Noni Fruit

The Amazing Noni Fruit

As legend has it, Noni fruit has been used by China, India and some Polynesian islands as a traditional medicine to treat many stress related disorders. Disorders such as Constipation, Blood pressure, circulation, ulcers, inflammation, indigestion, regulation of blood sugar levels, immune system deficiencies, asthma and chronic fatigue.

In studies, Noni has shown that it provides immune system support and can help protect the brain from stress to maintain normal cognitive functions. By reducing stress, Noni has gained the reputation of an effective relaxant that leads to calming the nerves and better general sleep.

So, What is it that makes Noni so special? How can it provide positive benefits for so many unrelated conditions?

The answer is Xeronine

There is a micro nutrient in Noni called pro-xeronine that help to promote human cells to synthesize xeronine which is an alkaloid that supports the structure and function of the cell walls. This is an adaptogenic function that prevents our cell walls from collapsing or malfunctioning. The human body depends on our cells having the proper structure and function in order to survive. As we age, the ability to produce xeronine naturally decreases and with the presence of stress our requirements for xeronine exceed the amount that we can produce.

Noni in many cultures has been used to reduce and control pain. The scientific reason for this is that Noni in studies has been shown to make specific brain proteins (enzymes) more receptive to endorphins and their potent qualities. The main protein is calledSerotonin. 

Serotonin, is a precursor to the hormone melatonin that is a regulator of many of our biological rhythms. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters send electrical impulses from one cell to another. Serotonin has been credited with a wide range of physical and emotional effects. With a decreased level of serotonin one may experience hunger and find that sleeping, cognition, pain tolerance, emotion & behaviors and even temperature regulation may be negatively affected.

Noni is sometimes used to help people rehabilitate from the use of drugs, smoking, alcohol and obsessive behaviors. By adjusting serotonin levels, people are able to feel good without feeling the need to look to other substances for help.

Nitric Oxide is another strongly adaptogenic compound whose biosynthesis is induced by Noni. Just about every cell in the human body has a requirement of Nitric oxide for its influence on a cellular level.

Nitric oxide has a relaxing effect and expands blood vessel walls. This increases their elasticity. This can help control high blood pressure. This may also help blood clots that cause strokes.

Noni’s has a wide range of complex phytochemical compounds that work synergistically to enhance overall function and promote well being. Phytochemicalcompounds like Damnacanthal has been shown to slow the rate of multiplication of cancerous cells. Scopoletin can help regulate blood pressure. Ursolic acid supports the immune system.

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