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Finca Santa Marta Organic Produce and More!

Good morning from Finca Santa Marta


Kim and I are glad to be back to the farm for the month of August.  If you have previously inquired about taking a tour of the farm, now is a good time. …


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Watch Mayweather vs. McGregor Live stream Mega Fight Boxing match 2017

Mayweather versus McGregor Mega Fight

How about we escape the path before we really begin - UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor won't crush Floyd Mayweather Jr. In a perfect bout. There is no possibility, not even the much-talked about Puncher assortment.

Watch Mayweather McGregor fight Live…


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New Dog !

Jim and Charlene Gates-Phillips were closing their Volcan Christian Bookstore and felt led to donate their black Panamanian beagle-mix to me recently. He is an awesome dog and a real blessing.



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The basketball Gym is open!

And had been since at least July 1. I met the caretaker, as he is confined to a wheelchair I asked him about wheelchair basketball leagues and he says David has them. anyway, he said the gym is open M-F from 8 AM to 7 PM, but that the most activity by far is from 5 PM - 7 PM.

I dropped by 1 day to watch and the play was half-court at each end, with some very competitive play at one end and the other end was little kids to girls to older established players - come as you are !



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Board Gamers in Boquete ?

I know from old posts that there is or was a Mike Peterson was a US Chess Federation Chess Master, but I haven't seen any posts since he gave a simul. 3 or 4 years ago. I am not too bad at chess, being a 2-time WV champ 40+ years ago.

I really was hoping there were some more social games going in Chiriqui, such as Settlers of Catan, or Pandemic / Pandemic Legacy.

Friend me and contact if there is any interest in these types of things. Keep the mind…


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fishing in Chiriqui

I am looking for a fisherman who would agree to take along one person for fishing.

Added by Halina Basko on August 13, 2017 at 2:09pm — No Comments

Top Quality Auto Body and Paint Repair.

The plastic bumper specialist right here in Boquete. From minor scrapes and dents to complete repaint. Great prices, fast turnaround, and…


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Do you know how to knit a simple hat?

The Handicap Foundation of Boquete is having fun on Saturday mornings doing yarn crafts with its members and their families...including knitting, embroidery and weaving! 

A small group has learned basic knitting. Some folks have made scarves, and now they'd like to make a simple hat. Do you know how to do this? If so, great! I’m clueless and would like some help! We're talking straight knitting--nothing fancy.

If you have the know-how, then join us on any Saturday from 10…


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What about the idea of hiring a bi-linqual driver ?

We are looking for ways to possibly avoid a 3rd airplane ride for our dog who has never flown before. 

We are considering rental of a car, one-way from Panama City to Boquete, but it will cost $220 extra for pick-up.…


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Friendly Nations Work Permit Question

Can anyone tell me...

Does an Expat who desires to become an airbnb host and rent out a casita located on their property need a Work Permit in Panama ? 

I have searched many blogs and information sites and cannot find this answer.  Anyone…


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The "Other" Boquete Forum

The most recent changes to Panama laws have the expats in a stir.  And it is mostly about nothing.  The blowup started on CL a couple of months ago when some folks could not get their CARE packages from the states. (An aside, Nena's school received actual CARE packages when she was in grade school.)

The shipping business in Boquete notified its clients of a delay in delivery and suddenly the wheels began to come off the wagon. The changes to the law have been in work for about…


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"J I S H U" SUSHI•SASHIMI•NIGIRI DELIVERY BY THE ORDER BOQUETE-DAVID Event & Catering Contact us 6497-70-24 (9:00AM to 9:00PM Thu\Sun)"   Instagram:

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Gluten Free gold

Drop by and check us out! Pick up a coffee or tea to go. Try our naturally flavored iced coffees or teas. We always have some fresh baked goods to take to David with you.

Todays Specials

Breakfast- …


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Having a main forum for posting is best.

Ning was a hit from the beginning, CL is still looking for members.

CL has 1389 members after 22 months.

Ning had the same number after 2 months.

Probably many of Ning's early members were from where the admin's meddling drove them to look for a better venue.  When Ning's ownership changed, there was not the same flood of members to CL. 

The seemingly endless list of complexities in using CL was a deal breaker for those members wanting the ease of…


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Top Quality Auto Body and Paint

Damaged wheel from an accident. Genuine Toyota Price $900 !!! Top Quality restoration Price... 90% off. Guaranteed results right here in…


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Top Quality Body and Paint Repair

Another beautiful repair completed in 24 hours right here in Boquete. Top quality repairs, guaranteed results and fast turnaround. Contact…


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MORE DIFFERENCES: Boquete.ning or Chiriqui Life

Privacy Issues:

CL "requires" using your real name when signing up. Perhaps they would also like your home address and maybe SSNumber for good measure. Lucky for members is that they are so naive as to believe that everyone uses their real name.  That same naivete leads them to believe that meeting with the police and becoming pals will somehow cause the police to become better at doing their jobs.

The Invision Power Services community that provides the software for CL actively…


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Driving with hazy headlights can be dangerous for you and your family

Don´t take the risk! I can make them look and function like new again. Promotional special for only $50 with guaranteed results. Contact Phil Hagen at Top quality auto body and paint repair…


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Boquete.ning or Chiriqui Life -- My Experience

This will be an ongoing commentary as events on Chiriqui Life are still developing.

In a nutshell, ning runs closer to the format established by its original owner, Lee Zeltzer. Lee died 2 years ago and the ning was purchased by the current owners as a revenue stream established by Lee to pay for the site and provide additional revenue to…


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Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser!

Added by ARF on July 24, 2017 at 11:54am — 2 Comments

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