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Lose Weight Naturally

"I take LAMININE because I am very concerned about my health. Although I do not take any medication, I am overweight. Without knowing what will happen I just take it out of curiosity but I noticed after 3 days I feel calm and do not lose my temper easily. I am always smiling & happy. I just sing whatever is the problem that…


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Pertussis Vaccine - Is it worth the risks?

Whooping cough, or pertussis, is caused by Bordetella pertussis bacteria. The infection produces an intense cough that lasts weeks and can lead to pneumonia, an inability to breathe or death.Pertussis is transmitted through respiratory and nasal secretions.…


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Alternative Medical Doctors Recommend Avian Egg Formula


Elevate Mood Naturally

Reduce Stress Rapidly

Benefits may also…


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Your Thyroid = 90% of Your Health Condition

David Brownstein, MD, turned his medical practice from conventional to natural therapies when he successfully treated his father who was suffering from obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Overcoming Thyroid…


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Guanabana/Soursop Kills Cancer


Soursop/graviola/guanabana/annona muricata: studies show pancreatic cancer cells are killed

Graviola: a novel promising natural-derived drug that inhibits tumorigenicity and metastasis of pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and in vivo through altering cell metabolism. …


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Panama Culture Insights for Ex-Pats & New Residents

When you are driving on a 2-lane winding country road with double yellow lines and you see an approaching bus or truck straddling the lines just wait. They see you and they will pull into their lane within a margin of safety. The drivers are not drunk and you are not required to finger-jest nor yell profanities. The middle…


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