Looks like Alto Boquete is about to boom. Be careful what you sell and when. The next three years could be huge.

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Comment by Pantah on November 18, 2015 at 7:01pm

A visit to the Boquete city engineers office yesterday confirmed the Ricardo Perez development in El Frances is currently in Phase I, with a model home and plans for a few dozen homes. Also told they have their own well water.

Comment by Alan Robert Ross on November 13, 2015 at 2:24pm

I agree with you that the direction of development from Bajo, is towards David. The 'new' highway almost guaranteed that (as does the weather and lack of amenities as you go up the mountain north of Bajo). So does the price of land. The availability of water argues against it, until the water project is completed and working well... in some years from now. 

On the other hand, I continue to see projects in Alto progress at a snail's pace (slower than the progress north from David).

The huge mall within a mile or two of the PanAmerican Highway in David (maybe 2017 or later) will draw people from the Bajo area but probably no more than Rey, Super99, & PriceSmart etc. People whose idea of a good time is shopping, don't tend to move to Boquete.

The medical facility in Alto is progressing, but very slowly and, if the new one north of David is an example, it may not open for years after the exterior looks done and the parking lot is in.

Those who live in Bajo may prefer less car traffic and more pedestrians walking around downtown and shopping at the new market area, if that ever is completed and opens. While the govt. would be wise to allow the old medical building to be redeveloped or sold, the business owners in Bajo can take care of themselves. They know that the availability and price for land coupled with infrastructure will determine the direction of future development. Romero has land to expand if they feel the need to compete, but they haven't (and I can't find where Riba Smith will supposedly open next year, near David.

Living in a town doesn't become less attractive because the suburbs grow some more shopping strips and housing developments. Walmart is not opening next to Ivan any time soon. And planned homes? A couple of years ago, I recall a supposed 3000 unit development down near El Frances by Ricardo Perez and I have not seen anything since. Is that the 1200 units you refer to? 

Of course, I have not seen a list of all the planned developments in Alto. 

Is that available somewhere?  I would appreciate seeing it along with scheduled completion dates.


Comment by Jim Tosch on November 10, 2015 at 7:43pm
Walter, I respond out of boredom
West Montreal is not a small town. Walmart is famous and dedicated to destroying small towns. And Boquete is not a tourist town. Other than the fair tourists trickle to Boquete, not flock. The only people who come to Boquete who might be called tourists are passing through, locals visiting for the day and retirees looking to move here. Look up Walmart and small towns and you can read study after study about what they do. But, that is not important. Boquete is not a tourist town except at fair time. There are no flocks to learn Spanish. But the center of town is about to be reduced to nothing and your reassurances from afar are counter productive. The local government needs to be aware of the potential of a slum in the center of Boquete,
Comment by Jim Tosch on November 9, 2015 at 6:30pm
Walter, Are you familiar with what happens to small towns when a Walmart opens up a few miles outside of town. The downtown dies. Walmart is not coming here but the commercial center of Boquete is moving South. The downtown area is very weak now. When the health facilities move South so will many other health related businesses and pedestrian traffic. One big grocery store in alto and downtown will rot. Additionally, there is virtually nothing to draw tourists to Boquete that is not available in mountains stretching from Canada to Southern Chile.
Comment by Jim Tosch on November 9, 2015 at 1:50pm
The growth in Alto Boquete could be substantial. Conversely there could be a drop in traffic in the center of Boquete. If it takes three years of torn up roads and reduced parking for the new water system consumers could lose patience. I was hoping to encourage a little public focus on the future of Boquete but the discussion has been diverted. For those of you who care about Boquete consider the impact of downtown Boquete under construction for three years and brand new shopping opportunities appearing from
Alto Dorado to the Federal Mall.An urban sprawl from Boquete to David is not my idea of an attractive little mountain town. I am accustomed to change but it is better when it is planned. Otherwise you end up with Volcan.
Comment by Val on November 9, 2015 at 10:49am

Hi Jim,

My understanding of how the blogs are set up on Ning is that you as the originator, can decided who posts or doesn´t on your blog.

Since the village idiot has piped in here – no wait how can Walt be the village idiot and not live here? Well I will use the term “virtual village idiot”.

What is happening here is incredible. The growth is amazing and also a bit disconcerting. Every day I see new buildings that I haven't seen before. Yes Jim, as you point out there is much good going on. Having a local health facility is huge as well as the plans to improve the infrastructure - that is one of my concerns.

Of course, if one is not here, you cannot see the day-to-day changes. Reading about it, seeing pictures just isn't the same as experiencing it.

Walt - it seems you posted somewhere that Ning would be boring if all that was talked about was this area. Sorry, I am not that interested in finding the post and mimic your stupid “cut and paste quotations”.

There is more than enough to talk about HERE IN PANAMA. When I am not attacked by your stupidity, I am very engaged here and love my life. I try to be helpful to those that are considering a move or just enjoy this beautiful place and friendly people. We are very happy to have chosen to call this home. We have a great LOCAL community that supports each other as well as incredible volunteer efforts where I participate when possible.

I am sure you know about all this since you think you possess supreme intellect. I don´t have to be a psychiatrist (dang should have included that in my reply to your attack), to figure out your problem. You lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem. You also have proven that you have problems with women. LOL – I was over that issue years ago but you just reminded of the experience. Starting out as a female engineer in Latin America and finally as a mid-level executive with a major corporation, I experienced it all.

Sorry you are just too easy to pick on. I have always said that I can handle a person that is either not very smart or lacks social skills as long as they are friendly. But when you put together stupid and mean, it crosses the line. That describes you – nothing but noise and irritation.

Why am I taking a few minutes out my day to do this?? There are many people giving me virtual and a few face-to-face “high fives” for not putting up with your garbage.

Jim - thanks for posting this blog. Interesting times here and while I knew growth was going to continue to happen, it´s more than I expected. However, it validates the signs of an improving global economy.

I missed the start of the market open for this but I placed my trades in preparation prior to the open so no big deal.  Yep another item that I can officially and honestly add to my skill set. I am an active trader that only works with technical indicators. To be successful, I keep up with any relevant news that may impact market sentiment. In reality, my psychology expertise comes from trading and also from being a spiritual person. Now I hope/won´t explain the difference between organized religion and spirituality.

Hope you seek therapy Walt – you need it. Now, I have officially closed the chapter on dealing with any more nonsense from you. However, don´t think I am going anywhere….

Saludos from Panama

Comment by Jim Tosch on November 8, 2015 at 5:27pm
Walter, excuse my grammar but there is a backlog of 250 building permits in the municipal government, the local health facility is moving to Alto, a development for 1200 homes is already in progress by a very influential Panamanian family and a technological university is in the works for Alto. That is the short list. Add in a 25 million dollar water project and a two hundred million dollar mall on this side of David and then tell me where the workers are going to come from. It is still a short list.

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