Cannabinoids and their effects

Cannabinoids are split into the following sub groups:

(CBG) Cannabigerol

One of the primary phytocannabinoids. It tends to be at a lower concentration of smoking marijuana and higher in material hemp. A non-Psychotropic that has also show remarkable health benefits.

A study from Italy has discovered its ability to hamper the growth of tumors. It is especially effective as an inhibitor of colon cancer carcinogenesis

(CBC) Cannabichromene

The second most abundant cannabinoid found in marijuana. It is also one of the most beneficial, although it hasn’t received any of the fame. CBC is a powerful antibacterial, It reduces inflammation without activating cannabinoid receptors. Fights pain without producing a high, Acts as anantidepressant and promotes neurogenesis, the growth of brain cells. So next time you talk about the health benefits of cannabinoids, be sure not to leave CBC out.

1 - The THC and CBD molecules, showing their extremely close resemblance

(CBD) Cannabidiol

One of hemp’s compounds, it exhibits strong antioxidant properties that also produce anti-ischemic and neuroprotective effects. CBD has show positive effects for a wide range of mental ailmentsActing as a mediator for the effects of THC, it is widely considered to be non-psychoactive in nature. However, research has indicated that CBD has a sedative effect, which may partly explain why strains high in CBD are known for their “stoned” effect rather than their “high”.

(THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol

The oldest and most widely used psychoactive compound ever. Modern strains of marijuana have been bred with higher than normal levels of THC. The main high producing is also know to improve general health and well being.


 IIndustrial Hemp                            Marijuana

(CBN) Cannabinol

This moderately psychoactive compound is actually a product of cannabinoid breakdown. Research is lacking so its full medical benefits have yet to be discovered. For now it’s known to aid in restful sleep. As a topical is has also shown to be an effective treatment for MRSA.
(CBL) Cannabicyclol

A Degraded product of cannabichromene that is non psychoactive and legal.

(CBE) Cannabielsoin

One of the more recently discovered cannabinoids, it is a metabolite of CBD. Since its discovery in the 80’s, there hasn’t been much research done.

(CBT) Cannabitriol

Another recently isolated cannabinoid, Cannabitriol has yet to be researched. In 2014 Scientist Hawthorne Watson, stated that the structure of CBT is very similar to THC.

There still may be more undiscovered cannabinoids. It wasn’t too long ago that scientists believed there only to be 65 existing cannabinoids, that number is now 85 and counting. ;

" A long-standing literature linking endocannabinoids (ECBs) to stress, fear, and anxiety has led to growing interest in developing novel anxiolytics targeting the ECB system"


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