Nauli is a yoga strengthening exercise, or kriya. 

Nauli cleanses the internal organs and tones the abdominal region via a side-to-side rolling motion of the abdominal muscle

 The muscular actions necessary to accomplish nauli require four movements:

1. empty fully your lungs and pull the abdomen in and up under the rib cage

2. contraction of the central abdominal muscles 

3. contraction of the left side of the abdominal muscles

4. contraction of the right side of the abdominal muscles

Relax and inhale normally

Ancient texts from the Science of Long Life [ayurveda] declare

“With great force move the stomach and intestines from one side to the other.”

Nauli claims that it destroys all diseases and increases the bodily fire of digestion.

Nauli is one of the best exercises for our health, due to the stimulation and regulating effect upon the entire digestive system. Many illnesses have their origin in the digestive system: headache, skin diseases. Toxic substances and waste products that have not been excreted in a timely manner are released.

Basic Nauli

Advanced Nauli

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