For a lot of us, it's easy to want to stay in bed for "just 5 more minutes!" But does that extra 5 minutes really give you the energy you need to start your day? If anything, it's going to make you sleepy- 5 minutes turns to 10 minutes and so on.

A great way to ease yourself into a brand new day and help get you motivated to get up and get going is stretching - stretching helps to ease away any stress or tension from the previous day's activities or even release any negative energy from sleeping "on the wrong side of the bed"! When that alarm clock goes off, don't hit the snooze button! Instead, follow some simple stretching exercises below:

Reach your hands up and over your head and stretch your legs out with your toes pointed. Take a couple of long deep breaths. This helps to lengthen your spine and tells your body "time to get up and get moving!"

Release tightness in your lower back by pulling one knee up to your chest, hold it for a few seconds then repeat with the other knee. Finally, pull both knees together and pressing your lower back down, gently rock from side-to-side while breathing deeply.

Loosen your hamstrings, hips and knees by lying flat on your back and extending your legs up against your headboard or a wall, knees straight. Give your hamstrings an extra stretch by pulling your legs back toward your head slightly.

Finally, sit up at the side of the bed and do a few neck rolls. Tuck your chin into your chest and slowly lift your head back up again, looking toward the ceiling. Bring your head back down to normal position and slowly turn your head to the right and then to the left - make sure you are taking long, deep breaths.

Take each stretch slowly and don't forget to take long deep breaths while stretching!

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