• Mr. Henrich, it wasn't my intention to question your legality in this country and to be perfected honest with you, the day that you spoke to me, you came across as decent guy; I just didn't like being told again to move my car. Who is this gringo guy I thought, in shorts and sandals, telling me to move my car? Your answer "Boquete Security and Consulting" was not sufficient so I questioned what your company was on this blog way back in March. Since that time, all sorts of off the wall replies have come in attacking my character as well as yours. I apologize for that. Oh, and by the way, the next week I parked my car in the lot.
    • Did you say "carry permit"? Oops. Never mind .......( dum-de-dum-duh-do-de-doo .......)
  • Further clarification of my daily operations of Boquete Consulting Security as there is some misinformation being presented as fact. Myself and my family are here legally with all appropriate Visas in place. This was an expensive and time consuming, and often frustrating, process. All appropriate work permits, again expensive and time consuming, have been taken care of. All of our 20 employees are Panamanian as this is a requirement of the Ministry of Security in Panama. Because we are armed and handle weapons, I also must be issued a "Carry Permit" through the security company issued by the Ministry of Security and thus proper work permits are required. 


    I am also surprised that this thread has become a statement that I have "absolutely no right to tell anyone what to do, especially Panamanians" and that it is strongly suggested that I am one of the "many foreigners living here who have tired of jumping through hoops and just live here illegally."


    This all because I kindly asked that a vehicle not park in a spot that was reserved FOR ME





  • I did. Thank You.
  • I will correct myself: I do vouch for Mr. Henrich. I know him personally and he is who he says he is. Very few like him around if any at all.
  • Robert,

    It would seem being asked to move your vehicle did ruffle a feather or two.

    It is not illegal for an American (or any other nationality) to own a business in Panama and doing so requires employing Panamanians. That’s good for the Panamanians…The business owners pay wages and taxes, provide social security, hire attorneys, pay for permits, etc., etc., etc.

    It’s interesting that you instantly assume that Mr. Henrich is engaged in some sort of nefarious venture without taking the time to do a little research.

    Your comparison of the expat community here in Panama and the illegal aliens (Mexicans) invading the United States is, to say the least, bizarre.

    The expat community here is spending thousands of dollars and investing months and some times years going through the bureaucratic hoops to live here LEGALLY. We are bringing and investing millions of dollars into the Panamanian economy. The illegals in the States are costing billions.

    There are some who resent the influx of expats. (Quite a few are other expats who have theirs and now want the gates slammed shut.) But for every Panamanian who resents us, there are at least, dozens who are grateful for the opportunity to advance their standard of living through our investments. Whose pockets do you think the millions we are bringing and spending down here every month end up in???

    You and Juan seem to be operating on the same wave length…Scary.

    • It is interesting that a discussion I started in March is just coming back to the front burner. I guess things are slow in bochiche scene.
    • I have nothing against foreigners owning businesses in Panama, as a matter of fact, I think it is a good thing both for the country and its citizenry. The law however specifically states however that ownership does not give you the right to work. The person, Ralf, has no right to tell anyone what to do, he must have Panamanian employees to conduct the company business; that is what is at issue here. He as a foreigner has absolutely no right to tell anyone what to do, especially Panamanians. Please make your investment, but know the law. There are many foreigners living here who have tired of jumping through hoops and just live here illegally. And, there are a lot of bureaucratic hoops for foreigners moving to or setting up businesses in the USA to jump through as well.
  • This is the first time seeing this inquiry so my apologies for the delayed clarification. My name is Ralf Henrich and I am a partner in Boquete Consulting Security which has been providing security services in the Boquete area for many years. We are a licensed corporation in Panama. Yes, it was I who requested that a vehicle parked in a clearly marked reserved parking spot refrain from doing so in the future. My Bio below FYI.

    Ralf H. Henrich is a Law Enforcement, Personal Protection, and Security professional, trained in the United States, who resides in Panama and is currently providing security services, consultation and training to clients in the Chiriqui province as a partner of Boquete Consulting Security. Mr. Henrich led numerous criminal investigations leading to successful prosecutions while working as an Investigator for a county prosecutor’s office in New Jersey.  Highly trained as a close protection officer and security specialist he has been involved in numerous high profile details. Assigned to the Tactical Training Division of State of The Art Security Agency, Mr. Henrich has provided both firearms and hand to hand instruction as part of his expertise. Mr. Henrich’s additional experience as an Emergency Medical Technician, heavy rescue specialist, and Coordinator for the Office of Emergency Management further enables him to assess and control crisis situations.


  • I am Derek Pretto.

    I have no affiliations with any security agencies in Boquete or Panama: private or public. I co-own the school (Academia International Boquete), and an Ecotourism resort/ hotel in Cerro Punta. That is the extent of business dealings in Panama. I do freelance work with a security company as a consultant but only in Los Angeles, California; where I have been in and out since December. I only reside in Boquete and travel on a regular basis to and from the U.S. for I am a dual citizen. 

    Again. I have no affiliations or have any interests with any security companies or persons in Panama. Please do not confuse me with anyone else. My personal experience with dealing with security minded persons, so-called private investigators, and crime fighting foundations have been for lack of a better word... negative...


    I no longer vouch for anybody or do any kind of security recommendations or consulting in Boquete.

This reply was deleted.

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