Boquete crime statistics

I am just curious, how often do crimes such as assault, home invasions and robberies happen in Boquete?

What are the best deterrents to these crimes? Does Alto Crimen have suggestions? Is it better to live in gated communities?

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  • So many times I have seen posts on the subject matter of Boquete crime and so many times I have seen posts from those considering Boquete as a potential relocation spot but apprehensive due to what they have read related to crime. In my opinion the odds of you being targeted are greater where you presently live in the U.S. than here in Boquete.  Of course you would take precautions but should it be something that consumes you; no. Can you assimilate into the Panamanian way of life? Do you get upset when confronted by obstacles? Will you welcome a change of pace? Can you live with few expectations taking enjoyment that comes your way as an experience rather than something to get angry about? Would you have to have expat support to lean on or are you confident you can take it all in stride? … Maybe 1% returned to their native country due to an incident with crime and the other 99% returned because of day to day life reasons at a time of life when the thousands of dollars lost could not be worked back into their bank account.

    Boquete is a beautiful place with a lot to offer many of us but not everyone is cutout to relocate out of their homeland. Ask wisely and experience all you can before making the big step.    

    • I think Donald's summation is pretty accurate. Panama/Boquete have a lot going for it, but some come here thinking most things will be similar to where they are coming from. Some things are comparable, but many are not. It's definitely a different culture than the USA, some of it better, some worse. I find the biggest difference is the whole concept of customer service, or the lack of it. When I first visited I overheard someone in a restaurant make the comment "if you move here and can't "roll with the punches" you likely won't be happy here". I believe that to be true.

      Back to the safety issue, I have met several people who moved here after living in Costa Rica. I asked them why. It was unanimous that cost of living played a big part in their decision. What surprised me was at least three couples said they moved because of increasing crime in Costa Rica. That surprised me. My opinion is the more remote you are, the more likely you may be a victim of a crime, normally burglary/theft. Having a neighbor close by is wise. Either street lights or your own outdoor lighting is a must for me. Darkness makes things easier for thieves. 

      As as far as to what to bring, that is totally subjective. A year ago I had five bids on a 40ft container door to door from Boquete to central Kansas. All the quotes except one were $5K more or less. Within a few hundred dollars. Oil prices were at their low at that time, so I assume prices have gone up substantially.

      For me the biggest reasons I chose Panama were-

      lifestyle- very tranquilo here


      cost of living

      proximity to the Pacific and Caribbean 

      proximity to my family in the USA 

      stable government with the perpetual cash cow of the canal(s)

      the dollar as the currency 

      An added bonus that I was not aware of until I moved here- the Panamanian people are very sweet, friendly, polite, and helpful.

      There is no Shangri-la. Every place has it pluses and minuses. Boquete has proven to be close enough for me.

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    • Thanks jim and nena. I almost feel as though I shouldn't have asked. We're really hoping this is the place of our retirement dreams, because we certainly don't feel the States are. I know I read this somewhere, but is it true, you're more likely to get a place with bars on the windows and doors if renting from Panamanians? We'll be there in April, and be looking around to find what works for us.

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    • This post is getting into personal attack land. I hope the moderators are paying attention. 

      We we don't want Ning to devolve into the rant days.

      Throwing out the "fake news" accusation is the latest rendition of calling someone/source a liar.

      The sheep will bite.

      • Those aren’t sheep...they are fake gnus.

    • Thanks. In my years in the military, I traveled the world and found my self in places like Turkey and Thailand, amongst many others. I learned you had to be always aware of your surroundings and I’m sure it’s no different there. Hell, I live in San Antonio and I have to be aware of my surroundings here. I feel like the south and east sides of town are third world countries. My point being, we should always be aware of what’s going on around us. Common sense is the name of the game.

      just curious though, how many Boquete citizens have been the victims of crime, petty or otherwise? 


      • No way to really know. Many crimes go unreported. The locals realize the futility of this, as do I. My next door neighbor had two breakins and he didn't report it, although he knew who did both. One of the enterers was a neighbor.

        BTW he was the mayor many decades ago.

      • Eleven.

        • Eleven? Could you kindly list them? We would all appreciate the info.

          "Paranoia will destroy ya".

          Boquete is a VERY safe place to live. Anywhere there is poverty, there will be crime.

          Not to mention there is corruption (crime) on many levels, from police officers, many in between, and right to the top.

          It's a worldwide phenomena. Get used to it. Ever heard of the Russian or Chinese mafia? Or USA electoral politics?

  • Fake news.

    The medical missionaries were relieved of their funds after leaving Pricesmart in David. The incident had nothing whatsoever to do with Boquete, nor was Boquete even mentioned in the report.

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