Does my Roku Interfere with my Internet?

Last Sunday I had a person install 2 Rokus. Since that time, I have had considerable trouble with my computers not hooking up to the internet. This is becoming a real problem.

Here is the way my system looks on my "internet access" in this order:




Is this the proper way to do this? Am I getting some kind of conflict. How does Roku hook up direct?

Anybody got ideas or solutions?

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  • the Roku or any other device that streams video uses bandwidth when streaming. If your internet is just slower when using rook that is why. If you are using a proxy or VPN it also adds latency
  • Possibly, but Juan installed UnblockUS (I think is the name) for us, and it works fine. I would assume he installed the same one for Glen, but maybe not.

  • To get U.S. Netflix and Hulu you need a VPN so you can get a U.S. IP address.  I don't have Roku, but when I installed my VPN (Boxpn), it wouldn't stay connected.  I contacted them and they gave me a way to get a higher level of encryption, and that worked.  Perhaps your VPN just needed some tweaking.  If you don't want U.S. only sites, you don't need a VPN for Roku, as I understand.

  • When you initially set up your router did you specifically set the maximum number of connections low and are maxed out when you added the Roku's?
    • Was not in the same room with Juan most of the time.  I also did not set up my router so I know nothing.

      • If you paid Juan to install it, that payment should cover his return to get it right. He has returned to "fine tune" stuff for us at no charge.

  • We recently installed a Roku and don't have an Internet problem. Juan Arauz did our installation.

    • He installed my Roku.

  • Johnny, the router is direct wired to Cable Onda. Rokus are wired direct to TV's. They receive their signal from Router, I guess. I am confused by the way the Rokus show up in my "wireless network connection" list.

  • You may be correct about the Router. But the problems started at the same day and time of Roku installation. Router is 1 year old but---. Are the Rokus supposed to show up as shown in my first discussion above? That is the way they are shown in my network connections.

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