• I guess that there are much more speculation in the Netherlands than down here.

    This article is absurd as it mentions as suspects this couple of Chile which was on posters through the Chiriqui- which was basically a hoax as those guys were supposed to have been seen in Spain at the very same time they were supposed to operate in Chiriqui.

    One more thing, it is essentially organs from children who are looked for.  

    I agree with the idea to put some form of filter on those informations.

  • Out of respect for the families and to quell speculation, I think only news of the Dutch women from known, credible sources should be allowed here.

  • Here's a response I received moments ago from Lily:

    "Sunny, we are following leads almost daily. The Dutch article is just wrong and of course upsetting to the families, particularly since they state it comes from a family spokesperson. Not true! 

    I frequently get emails and calls from kooks. It is tiring but we follow any and all leads, as per the families' request......That is about all II can say, except that in this case the families feel that giving up on their daughters is not an option. So we continue pressing forward.

    You may copy this on ning if you wish and think it would help answer some of the questions from the public."


    Please keep Lisanne, Kris and their families in your thoughts and prayers based on the truth of this matter "as we know it".

    My prayers to you all continue.


  • It is a disgusting article. What a terrible journalism. This paper was rather okay, but in the case of Lisanne and Chris they are more a tabloid then a good newspaper. It is terrible also for the families this kind of journalism.

  • This is unbelievable what some "journalist" do for money.  

    This soap or novela style articles is disgusting.  It clearly shows what is the real intention of the person who writes them. 

    This is incredible. 

  • lee &/or fran....i would not care if you removed 'tabloid' type posts.

    maybe start a 'tabloid' group for those folks who enjoy those types of articles.

    it will only start a long, useless discussion here in forums..

  • Right Fran. Most of this is purely fabrication and untrue. Where they aye getting this stuff don't know but it is not from the families.
  • Three points,

    The organ theft idea is folklore, urban legend in this area. That is the conjecture whenever anyone goes missing. Usually it ties to missing children not highly visible and identifiable adults.

    Second it is a long way from David to Colombia more than most helicopters can do without refueling, Panama City has more people and is much closer to the alleged market.

    Third if bodies were dumped in a lake near the airport in David they would likely have been found by now. 

    I doubt the story has much basis in fact.

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