Guide to Boquete's Micro-Climates

The author of the information below wishes to remain anonymous but has given permission for this post.  I thank the author very much for sharing this.  It will help so many of us newbies and wanna-be's.

The map below the information is from Casa Solutions, cropped to allow for a larger image.  It clearly shows each area mentioned in the discussion.

In reply to a question I asked regarding the 13 distinct micro-climates of Boquete:

As an example: We live in Alto Lino, (straight up noon on a clock face), north of town and about 500 feet higher. As such, we get the Bajareque, a mist that comes over the mountains to the east from the Caribbean. Thus, it's always green and cool in our micro climate. Palo Alto, to the east a little bit, at say, 1:00 on a clock face, REALLY gets the Bajareque (more than us) and receives more fog and rain than us. You have to be from San Francisco to tolerate that weather. Continuing clockwise around the downtown area (2, 3 and 4:00 on the clock face) are the areas of the Jaramillo Mountains. Various places on that mountain have different climates. But I'm pretty sure most of them have more sun (west-facing ridge) and more wind than us. Moving south and out of the "bowl" that Boquete sits in is the area (4, 5 and 6:00 on the clock) around Caldera. Very dry, hotter and windswept. Same thing, continuing clockwise, (7:00 on a clock face) and you're at Alto Boquete and further environs south of there, including Boquete Country Club, Las Ruinas Restaurant, Los Molinos neighnborhood. Dry, hot, windswept and even more so, the closer you get to Dolega, etc. Gotta love the heat if you want to live here.

Moving back up the clock towards 9:00 on the clock face, you are in the mountains west of town, in Volcancito. So many curves, nooks and crannies in these mountains (like the Jaramillo mountains on the opposite side of town), that there are many micro climates here. You might have a house that catches a downdraft of a constant wind current that blows you and your yard out of your socks, but I might live down the street and in a geographically shaded part of town and I'm fine and even a little warmer than you.

Moving further around the clock to 10 and 11:00 is the Los Naranjos region north and west of town. Not too familiar with this area, so I'll withhold comments. Haven't really met anyone from this part of town. I guess we're back to our place, at 12:00, directly north of town. To add a finer point to the whole deal, our little neighborhood within Alto Lino, is in a "carved out side" of a mountain. Winds seem to pass right over us, as we sit in this little alcove in the side of the Alto Lino Mountain. It's pretty neat, actually.

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  • Just saw this old post from you Bob. This is great. Thank you. Very helpful.
  • Is the heat tolerable with ceiling fans only, in the Brisas Boquetenas?
    • To my mind, the temperature in Brisas is very temperate. We seldom find it necessary to use circulating fans, and certainly don't need air conditioning.

      Biggest weather challenges are probably some summer days with extreme wind. Extreme rain can be experienced anywhere during the winter months.

      • This is one of the best descriptions of the micro climates of Boquete I have ever heard. If I was moving there, I would know exactly where I would live, and since I’m from San Antonio, and I’m tired of heat, you can imagine where I wouldn’t live.. Great discussion 

  • Thank you all! very helpful information. Loving it here, even with the bajarreque! (especially after checking in at home, NY!) 

  • This soon-to-be newbie thanks you and anonymous very much for this!!! What a helpful tool!


  • Any idea where we can get a paper copy of this map? Thanks!

    • Hi Cheryl:  Now it is in document form, just click and print:

  • Try the link below to Lloyd Cripe's BoqueteWeather for additional information and an explanation on area weather patterns.




    Boquete Weather and Climate
    • OMG Thanks J.


      I had no idea this site existed. I didn't even think to try a google search for anything like it. Duh.


      Lee has it on his Boquete Guide links page also, under Boquete Weather.

      Boquete Weather and Climate
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