Has anyone received their 2017 Proof of Life form yet???

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Yes Beth, about two, or three, months ago.

Thank you

Beth, I was advised by the US embassy here to contact them if you have not received it by Nov. 15, and they will get a form to you...still awating mine too. 

Meantime, my 81 yr old neighbor and friend Grace has not received her check for at least 2 months....And she even made a fruitless trip to Panama City and spoke with the ambassador......I realize the American govt is broke as a bum thanks to bad management for years, but is this any way to treat their old folks? I looked up her representatives name and contact info in Ventura Ca.....and hopefully she will be able to get results.......

A few years back I never received my Proof of Life form, and was cut off. A call to SS and my current and back payments were restored. I didn't have to leave my house to do this. Rant: Why can't expats use My Social Security Account online, which requires an US address, and why do they think the Panama PO is a good way to communicate with recipients.

Irony: I did receive the cut off letter notice from SS!

That's good to know, Floyd....Thanks.

Imagine any private business that needed this from you, and you go in with your passport to speak with them...Done!!

would like to how you did that, I had to go in refile

What did that entail Irvin??

hi Karen it takes a trip to the consult, go to federal benefits they take care the rest  simple process, you will need a appointment


I just called the number for SS. I think their foreign support office is in Maryland. It was actually painless. It was maybe 5 years ago. Since then the staffing has been downsized, phone wait times increased, etc. I can think of at least 5 screwups since I started regarding when and how much I should receive, so I don't have a lot of faith on how they do things now. Just today had a glitch trying to sign up for my social security and couldn't do it.

Broke? Really?


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