Has anyone received their 2017 Proof of Life form yet???

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Yes Hil, really...To the tune of 20 Trillion plus.......Whats our GDP? About 19 T? Is this a scenario that can have ahappy ending? Read zerohedge this morning and scroll down to JIm Ricards, The Golden Solution....Its an interesting read....Boquete.ning will not let me copy and paste it for some reason.......

If I were $20,000,000,000 in debt, the banks think I'm broke.  Maybe they're just picking on me.  It's now the equivalent of the GDP.  In other words, If they took 100% of all earnings, they could pay it off.  So, if that seems possible, I guess the U.S. isn't REALLY broke.  Haha. It just needs a socialist to confiscate all the wealth.

Will that work?:

should be here this month,the consulte said if not contact them


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