Retired military in Boquete

My wife and I are again considering Boquete as a retirement destination, though it still is 3 years away. My question is, are there any military retirees out there that can explain what healthcare system you use?  Right now, we're thinking Medicare is the best option, with Tricare also. Any thoughts on the private healthcare options in Panama, or have you found it is just as easy to "pay as you go"?


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  • You can't use Medicare in Panama, and private insurance is very expensive (and grows more expensive as you age). You can certainly "pay as you go" if you have substantial cash reserves. Otherwise, a catastrophic event such as a heart attack, serious accident, or cancer could be financially ruinous or relegate you to the public health system. Check out the info below for information about your military retirement medical benefits. I know many people are able to use them.

  • Jr The VA VSO in David at WeCare Clinis asked me posted this link. It should annswer your questions

    Please send Bob the VSO Web Page link for medical benefits in Panama:

    His questions will be answered there.
    • Hi Jim. Thanks again for all the info. I got a good feel for everything now, and your voicemail was helpful also. Because I still have a few years to decide, I'll take it all in and make a decision when the time is right. Another issue that could come up is that I'm a type A personality, so letting things roll off my back may be another complication. But time will tell.

    • Okay, I have a pretty good idea how it works for me. At the risk of seeming stupid, I’m not understanding how my wife would be covered if we have Medicare and Tricare. It’s probably fairly obvious, I’m just not seeing it, sorry.

  • Visit this page for more information.


    We are a group specialized in health services focused on veterans and retirees of the United States Goverment, who live or visit Panama.
  • Ret 

  • Call Jim McCormack Reet CW4 26 years I can answer your questions 770-507-9384 (US)

    • Thanks Jim. Good info.

    • I will call you tomorrow. I’m currently at work.

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