I recently moved to Boquete and am a keen runner.  I have seen a couple of other runners about but wondered if there is any group and whether anyone is interested in going on longer runs at the weekends.

Also if anybody is travelling from Boquete to this 10km run next Sunday in Concepcion below.  If anyone has a space in their car I would be happy to pay the cost of the gas in exchange for a lift.

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  • I just moved here from Florida two weeks ago. I was an avid Crossfitter, and obstacle course racer. In the past few months, I went from mostly lean muscle, to not-so-much anymore. However... Now that I'm settled in here, I'm ready to get it back!

    To me, just running is not enough to keep me stimulated. Obstacles, climbing, varied exercises in a group setting... That's what keeps me motivated!

    OK, so who's in? I know there is no CrossFit box nearby (dangit!) I'm looking for a few folks who would like to get fit, stay fit, maybe run to the hidden waterfalls and back, or who knows of some other similar running, climbing, swimming, jumping, swinging, lifting, pulling, pushing, do-it-all fun stuff to do around here. 

  • i can vouch for all of you. Have fun!

  • We are also avid runners and are currently trail running in the River Ranch area (near Caldera). It's a beautiful pastoral setting. You are welcome to join us anytime!

    • I love trail running.  I don't know where River Ranch is, but I'd enjoy going along with you sometime.  How long/far/often/fast do you run? Maybe Annie and I could ride down from Boquete sometime.

  • Hi Annie,

    I run several days a week in the Boquete area, along with other activities.  Hiking, swimming, spinning, weight work.  I think there a few runners in Boquete, but I believe most of the runners I see on the roads are tourists. I don't know of any organized running groups.  I hope you'll enjoy running the hills of Boquete :)

  • Dave, comments like yours are very much appreciated but us the Panamanians not so with what the other gentleman commented about us. Feel sorry for him.

    • Please don't believe that such a racist ass is representative of the majority of expats here, Ulises. The person should be banned from the site for spewing that crap.

      • I saw Mr Bonham comments but.... I really didnt feel the need to reply him for his harsh comments.   I will pass on this one.

      • First of all I want to apologize because on my comment I ment to write Jim`s name and not Dave. I agree with you Keith, their are lot more good guys than bad guys on the expat community and as long as we keep it that way expats will continue to be welcomed like it has been since Boquete was settled. And yes bann that guy out of the site.

  • Dave, I sent you a request. we can talk. I run and have friends that run here in Boquete. I'll anything from 5K's to full marathons w/ 1/2 being my favorite. I plan to take it off road more this season. Talk w/ ya soon. JimG

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