Are you a lover of Scotland, Ireland, England or anything Celtic? Enjoy tapping your foot a good Irish or Scottish Tune? What about the bagpipes, do your eyes get watery when you hear Scotland The Brave or Amazing Grace? Proud of your Scotish Clan? Wear kilts? Eat Haggis? OH.. are you a fan of the Outlander book series and TV Show? Well this is the group for you.

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  • Hey all - . Anyone out there? Please let me know. It would be great to get together and talk about how we can do some cool things here in Boquete. I look forward to hearing from ya. 

  • Hello All - sorry I have been quiet. We have been unpacking and all of a sudden my wife came down with a horrible bought of amoebic dysentery. The good news is that she is finally coming out of the woods thanks to the wonderful doctors here in Boquete. 

    I noticed that the Brewery was closed for a spell and wanted to see if everyone wanted to come meet at the Panamonte Bar. Looks like they have a good line of Scotch as well as beers to choose from. I was thinking this first week in May.

    We can make this a meet and greet and be able to put faces to names. I had the honor of meeting Cynthia the other day in the store and I look forward to meeting the rest of you.

    Maybe we can all meet up on Tuesday after market and have lunch or something at the Panamonte, OR if someone has a good suggestion, please pipe in.

    May 30th is the 200th birthday of Ardbeg and they are making it a global event. I am in contact with the company to see about hosting our own tasting here in Panama. I will buy the bottle, but you have to agree to take the whole dram if I pour it for ya. It is some pretty powerful Scotch and very smoky. If that is what you like, you will love Ardbeg and I thought it would be fun to kick off our group.

    Let me know what you think and feel free to contact me at



  • Thanks Cynthia - :D

    I know that John has a drive into Boquete, but is everyone else located close by? We live up in Alto Boquete near San Fran Plaza.

    Once we get completely settled in I would like to have everyone over and maybe do a scotch tasting. I also notice that there are a number of stores that carry a wide array of beer from all over the world. So down the road maybe do a beer tasting as well.

    I brought my large cast iron stew pot so when it get rainy and cold, maybe an Irish Stew get together and maybe watch something like Brigadoon with Gene Kelly or Rob Roy with Liam Neeson. I have not seen either of these in ages.

    I really am looking forward to meeting and think that we can have a lot of fun and change things up in what sometime becomes that daily routine rut we all tend to get into.

    Let's hear your ideas.


  • Hey all - well we are now here. The home we rented is brand new and we are learning all the kinks and nuances that she has. There are still some things that need to be turned on, like the gas. We got the tanks, but they have not been fully installed because we did not have water. So we have not had a shower in a few days. But all in all we are excited and looking forward to meeting ya'll.

    Cynthia - where is that brewery?

    I am not sure if I shared this with you or not, but I run a great group on Facebook called "Real Men Wear Kilts"

    You can check it out here...

    It's got about 575 people who are part of the group and it is a lot of fun. A lot of kilts and the name imply and also a good number of "Outlander" fans. Which I have to admit that I am enjoying reading as well. The show is now on Amazon and you can watch it there.

    Any who... wanted to let you know we are now here and now the process of unpacking begins.

    Let's talk about when would be a good day to have a meet and greet and lets talk about what we can do in the future.


    Real Men Wear Kilts
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  • Hey Cynthia - Me likey - but do they serve scotch? Honestly, we try to stay away from beer because it just packs on the carbs. Here is a great article that caused us to make the switch and our weight has dropped because of it too -- Health Benefits of Whiskey

    You can read it here --



    Top 7 Surprising Benefits of Whiskey
    Whiskey aids in weight loss, increases heart health, prevents diabetes, boosts good cholesterol levels, prevents cancer, eliminates blood clots, and…
  • Ray & Tracye -

    Looking forward to seeing you in Boquete.  Praying for travelling mercies and that you get through the border incident free.

    Irene has the books sorted out and there is about 1-1/2 boxes.  The Scottish books were mixed in with other books. 

    Linda and Brian

  • Hey All - well we are really excited and can not wait to get settled. We are packing the trucks and headed to Boquete this April 8th. When we get there we are going to need a few days to get settled in but then, I would really LOVE to have some sort of get together where we can put faces to the names. I have some ideas to help promote the commonwealth and very excited to know that there are people who are wanting to do something as well.

    Pray that we have traveling mercy and that God shines His blessings upon our journey across that Costa Rican border. You would not believe how much I am stressing over that part. But once we are through it all, a good scotch and wonderful company is what will be needed.

    Looking forward to the adventures we can stir up!


    Ray & Tracye

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day - Not officially a Scottish holiday, but any day we can dawn the kilt is a great day in deed.


  • Hey All,

    Here is A St Patricks event going on that The Stone Cabins in Bajo Boquete.

    We will not be in country then, but looks like a lot of fun.

  • SO... any festivities going on for St. Patrick's Day? IF NOT... this is something that we really need  to leverage for next year. Burns night, St Patty;s day all great excuses to get together and celebrate all things Celtic and educate about the commonwealth... SO what say you?

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