Boquete Progressives

This group is for progressive like-minded people in our community of Boquete.

Non-progressives need not apply nor comment. 

Like-minded people believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at a decent, fulfilling, and economically secure life. They believe that everyone should do his or her fair share to build this life through education and hard work and through active participation in public life. They believe that everyone should play by the same set of rules with no special privileges for the well-connected or wealthy.

Over the past year, I have been thinking that many of us who have moved to Boquete don't know any progressive like-minded.

Some of us living here do not know who the progressive thinkers are. Some us don't even know that a neighbor could have the same values and the progressive beliefs as you. Well that is what this group is all about. 

It's about coming together and sharing our progressive views on politics, humanity, racism and much more. 

In a couple of months, we will have our first gathering. I will be announcing the location. 

It will be a pleasure exchanging our progressive views and getting to know each other better. 

Non-progressives need not apply nor comment in this group. Your comment will be deleted. 

Location: Boquete District
Members: 5
Latest Activity: Aug 15, 2017

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