3718957321?profile=RESIZE_710xThis fitted tablecloth cost me $45 new including shipping from the U.S. to Panama.  If is freshly washed, and I am asking $30 for it. 

I have been using it on my 6' x3' commercial "Lifetime" table at the BCP Tuesday Morning Market.  It is made from heavy-duty abrasion-resistant polyester, and is in perfect condition. 

Approaching 78 y/o, and with decreasing mobility and other issues, I no longer do woodturning.  My upcoming artistic creations based on natural crystals will fit on my new, smaller 4" table.  

(As soon as I check out everything and clean it up,  I will also be selling my small Grizzly 12x20 lathe, turning tools, Jet 12" bandsaw, Craftsman sharpening grinder, wood blanks, supplies and accessories.  As a former Woodcraft salesman who taught beginning woodturning in Santa Rosa, California, I will help and advise any novice who wants to start woodturning.  This will be an excellent bargain at $800 for about $3,000 worth of equipment and supplies.)

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  • Sold!

  • hi David ~ I am very interested in this table cover.  will stop by @TMM to see it tomorrow.  s

  • Please respond by posting a reply here, sending me a PM (personal message) on Ning, or stop by my table on the back terrace at the BCP Tuesday Morning Market. 

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