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Franco Belli original signed paintings, framed.  Belli is a well known Peruvian artist, with a history of Global Exhibitions including Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador,  Costa Rica, Canada, Austria and Brazil. His paintings are known for the use of vivid colors and precise details. You can learn more at his website. 

1)  10834463266?profile=RESIZE_710xAssorted Fish in a 62X70” frame – this is a real statement piece and just waiting to occupy a large space. It is oil on canvas & signed by the artist. The framing alone was over $800, making $1500 for this painting and frame very attractive.


2)  Kitchen Fruit/table in 47X39” frame – It is oil on canvas & signed by the artist, wood frame, and priced at $850.

WhatsApp - 6769-0807 for details or to schedule a viewing.


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