please read the following carefully, because i admit it will be a bit confusing at first


we do a second press each week, just for oil, but that means there is also water.  if you are a water and/or oil customer only, there will be a new pick up time for you on mondays, 4-6 p.m.  please place your water-only orders now, for monday, 27 jan.  oil does not require an order - just come on in.  

for those who order the other fresh products with their water, delivery will stay the same, on thursdays.  that means now  

it's time to place orders, until 6 pm wed, 

for the fresh coconut products we'll make on Thursday:


COCO WATER  is not just a raw food, but a live food.  It nourishes the sprouting coconut and rehydrates you.  

FRESH GRATED is the coconut flesh after being grated out of the shell.  it's sweet and chewy, containing all the oil and water of the coconut.

CREAM is what we press from the fresh grated coconut.  it is incredibly rich and flavorful for coffee, golden tea, fruit salads, yogurt, non dairy cheeses 

PULP is the fiber left after the cream has been pressed from the fresh grated.  when fully dried and ground, it is an easy and inexpensive source of coco flour 

COIR the fibrous outer cover of the coconut.  good for mulch, a carbon source, and soil aeration.

our  OIL  is uncompromised, raw, pure, separated by fermentation 




We make the freshest possible, raw, cold pressed, cold processed, coconut products, made locally, by hand, with all stainless steel equipment, from island coconuts.  No product is cooked, canned, sweetened, preserved, flavored, scented, or tampered with in any way. 

pick up is THURSDAY afternoon, 4-6 pm, at the old Bulk Organic Foods building, immediately after processing. 

We currently have several cocos that have sprouted and are on their way to becoming trees.  If you'd like to start a coco tree in your yard, these are sprouted seeds with first leaves. 

to place orders, get directions or prices, please contact us off forum, at

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