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  If you are a pet owner you know that we love to pamper and coddle our furry friends. Sometimes it even feels that our pets own us, but we don't mind. Due to the bond humans have had with animals for millenniums, it is only fair to say that this desire to spoil our animals is in our DNA. As an owner of three cats, 'what better way to spoil our pets than to buy them a variety of different cat perches and scratching posts' (found at stores such as Melo and Pricesmart), we thought. To our dismay, after a short period of time, the petite $40 scratching post was in ruins, exposing the cheap, hollow cardboard material, found beneath the rope. Venturing out into other types of cat furniture I found that the quality found here was all the same. In order to find one of decent quality that would last more than 6 months, I had to go to Panama City, only to find that there were what seemed to be only two cat towers in all of the city. So with the number of cats in Panama, I figured that there is not enough true quality cat furniture in this country to supply the number of feline friends. I imagine that I am not the only one that has found themselves in a similar predicament. If we love our animals like we say we do, why get them things of poor quality, the best of the best for our best, Right? The cost of constantly buying the cheap versions adds up quick, and the shipping price and taxes placed on one shipped from the states comes to an exorbitant amount of money. That is why I decided to make my own and sell them so that people have access to the things I did not. 

This is a Cat Tree


Made with only the finest materials such as

100% wood

Plush luxurious carpet

Thick, tightly wound scratching rope

and Hard work and craftsmanship

This piece of strong quality furniture will not only make a great gift for your cat but is also a beautiful decorative piece for your home.

The Luxury CatTree above is for sale for a one-time payment of $210. 

Don't worry, this tree will last a lifetime. Your Cat will love it! I guarantee!!!

Different styles and sizes will be available on special orders. 

Email me or give me a call for pricing/ to place an order /or for custom work. 


+507 64987620

Buy Now! This will go Fast.

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