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Tips To List & Sell!

Hello all, 

To sell you Item, Add a Discussion , commenting at the bottom, does not add a discussion for your item.

So many members want the classified section to be more diverse.  So many of you are interested in old fashion barter exchange.  Now you can put your offers out to all the members and see who bites!  Have fun, you never know what you might trade for! 

Here are some tips we suggest all members should use to have a successful sale on Boquete Ning classifieds.

1) Offer a descriptive overview of what you are selling.

2) Tell potential buyers upfront your price, Do not make people guess!

3) Offer updated and quality pictures of the item() for sale ( Pictures really help). To add pictures right into your classified ad, use the Insert Image button on the editor.

4) Check and respond back to your Ad post a few times per day, potential buyers are looking to buy now, not days later.  Be responsive.

5) If you are comfortable, offer your email and or cell phone # in the ad, so those who are serious can reach you immediately.

6) Inform everyone on your ad when it is sold and or relist it to a lower price if you are really motivated to sell it. ( Care about fellow members by informing all when it sells).

7) Good communication with honesty about the item(s) for sale is really important.

8) Be as specific as you can with stating "Sell, Buy, Barter or Wanted"  Try not to leave members guessing,. 

Good Luck!  

If you are successful at finding or selling please just mark the thread closed and an admin will delete it.

Note: to offer something or request something go to bottom of discussions and add the item or request. comments are, well, comments.

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  • BMW 650 GT Motor Scooter for sale. This is one magnificent machine. Auto transmission, 60 Horsepower, ABS, top speed 110MPH. Can drive this motorcycle/scooter to any destination safely averaging between 55MPG to 60MPG. This bike is as close to perfect as possible. She has 2300 miles on it and is barely broken in. Contact Chris 6918-4070 Message me for photos.
  • Hi, we are new to the area. Does any one make their own Kombucha? We are in need a scoby, can any one help us out? eduswanson@gmail.com
  • We offer a guaranteed Live TV Service (no trades or barters), We have aLL the USA channels, Free in home demos available also. Need a minimum of 5 MBPS Internet for service to work efficiently. If you already have an Amazon or Android device, we can also add our service to you device. Don't have a device, we have them all. WhatsApp: 68589039
    • Does this work in Panama and come with the golf channel and ESPN?
    • yes and yes
  • Online teacher, with extensive experience, using online RazPlus comprehensive reading and exercise materials to teach English or Spanish to school children ages 5 to 12. Teaching medium: Zoom. $15/hr/child. Two children together $20/hr. Also can teach simple Mandarin. Please contact shery cope parenting.china@gmail.com , whatsapp: 67134247.
  • Does anyone have the contact information for the semi-retired couples interested in house sitting in Boquete May to September. They posted on facebook yesterday, Jan 20th. nilsenalan@aol.com 6604-7201
  • I have to report a nutritional pain relief product I have not heard of before, a rare event: I have reduced my pains in lower back [Spondylolisthesis], knees [grade 4 left], bilateral bunions, and right shoulder exercise-induced pain. I am able to decrease my use of CBD oil by 1/2 after loading phase of 1 capsule 3 x days 1st 3 days then 2 capsules daily. You may feel remarkable pain relief within 3 days, like I have

    1. I add to CBD oil and can cut CBD use in 1/2 with better and longer lasting relief.
    2. Lower cost
    3. Clinical studies
    "Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), an endogenous fatty acid amide, has been demonstrated to bind to a receptor in the cell nucleus – the peroxisome proliferator–activated receptor – and performs a great variety of biological functions related to chronic and neuropathic pain and inflammation, as has been demonstrated in clinical trials. These include peripheral neuropathies such as diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatic pain, osteoarthritis, low-back pain, failed back surgery syndrome, dental pains, neuropathic pain in stroke and multiple sclerosis, chronic pelvic pain, postherpetic neuralgia, and vaginal pains."
    • Where do you find this? Is it for sale in panama?
  • Knaack 4824 Jobmaster on-site job box with casters.


    6483 93062115781135.jpeg

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DELL Latitude 6410 Fast Laptop with Solid State Drive

Powerful, Fast, and Dependable Business-Class 14.1-Inch Laptop. A fast processor coupled with a solid state drive makes this laptop race.14.1" ScreenWindows 10 Pro240 GB Solid State Drive (SSD)4 GB RAMCD/DVDIntel i5 M520 Dual Core Quad Thread 2.40GHz Processor4 USB PortsVGA PortApache OpenOfficeThe Handicap Foundation has upgraded and tested this computer and will guarantee it for 30 days. Prices to sell quickly for $240. Email pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp 6510-8934 to purchase.

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it's time to place orders now, until 6 pm wed, for the fresh coconut products we'll make on Thursday: COCO WATER  is not just a raw food, but a live food.  It nourishes the sprouting coconut and rehydrates you.  FRESH GRATED is the coconut flesh after being grated out of the shell.  it's sweet and chewy, containing all the oil and water of the coconut.CREAM is what we press from the fresh grated coconut.  it is incredibly rich and flavorful for coffee, golden tea, fruit salads, yogurt, non…

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