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8898653685?profile=RESIZE_584xA few weeks ago I posted my white Expedition 2003 Eddie Bauer 5.4 L Triton 16V/24V V8 for sale. I am her first owner, and she was always maintained by the book. She has just less than 100K miles. Before selling it, I wanted to make sure the alignment was still correct. When this was checked, I learned that the bearings for the front wheels should be changed. So, I purchased new bearings and had them installed professionally. They then took care of the alignment. I just purchased two new Bridgestone tires for the front wheels. So I spent approximately $800 on the car to make sure everything was good to go. I kept the price at 5K. If someone is interested, please contact me.

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  • Sorry John, the person who came at 11 this morning. loved the car and took it.


  • Hola Patrick,

    Can we see the vehicle soon?  We're in Los molinos, can visit any time this afternoon. 

    John Kobbeman,  801 499-0413 

  • Is this vehicle still available? Very interested.  If so please Email Pacerjohn59@gmail.com.

    • Done. And thank you.


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