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2005 Fiat Diablo Cargo van - Mechanic's special

I have for sale a 2005 Fiat Diablo Cargo Van. It is a 4 cylinder diesel with a 5 speed manual trans. The previous engine repairs done by a gringo mechanic were not done properly and now it needs additional repairs to the overhead valve train.

Asking $1250 or best offer for the truck as is. The repairs should run between $700 and $1200 depending on who does the work. Sale includes 2 new tires and a new taillight. 130,000 km or 80,000 miles. Located 30 minutes west of David

Call 6459-5218 (English) 6242-9308 (Spanish) if you have an interest.

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  • Is there a mechanic that is familiar and can fix it? Parts?

    • I would suggest locating a used engine in Santiago or Panama City or at least a used head.  Parts are available.  You will need to locate the mechanic.  $1500 quoted for parts and labor at the Fiat dealer in David.  We are an hour from Boquete and I am not familiar with mechanics there.

    • Used engine deinstall and install should be more than $1500.... if you can find a good used engine...Fiat isn't so common here I would think....

    • What size engine is it? How is the tran and suspension?

    • 1.9 L Diesel.  Trans and suspension are fine.  2 new tires, 2 excellent tires, new taillight (RH one is broken)

      Truck was purchased for one of my employees to commute from David to our farm. When it was running it ran up and down the road for 2-3 months daily without issue.  Previous mechanic left out a part associated the timing belt causing a premature failure.  The head/valves can be repaired but it may be easier to replace the engine. 

    • Interesting... but a new Fiat engine could be a campaign.... interested though...

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