If you are visiting Boquete, please consider bringing some much needed items for the indigenous people - the Ngobe - materials to make blankets, etc or store bought items that are very much in need. Thank you.

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  • Hey Is there any requests. We are coming from Calgary, Alberta Canada and staying from April 17th - May 29th. Cheers
    • Hi, Anthony. You are so kind to ask for requests! The Boquete Knitters and Quilters have a never-ending need for yarn with which to make baby things for donation. Caron Simply Soft, Red Heart Soft, Lion Brand Pound of Love and Lion Brand Homespun -- or similar soft acrylic yarns -- are still our go-to choices. (And yarn is wonderfully squishy for tucking into a suitcase!)
    • Good Day Brandy
      We arrived and are getting settled in. We where able to bring 6 large rolls of the yarns you requested. :)
      Magdel could bring them to your next meeting if that works. Let us know when you can meet, we will look for your reply. :)Cheers
  • Is there still a need for stuff like what's mentioned? I've noticed no posts in almost four years. Thanks.
    • As far as yarn for knitting/crocheting blankets for the babies is concerned, the short answer is "yes". The Boquete Knitters and Quilters still work to provide soft, warm, beautiful baby things for our neighbors. Caron Simply Soft, Red Heart Soft, Lion Brand Homespun or Pound of Love -- these, and similar yarns, are our favorites. In bright colors to hold up to the tropical sun. (We already have a huge supply of red yarn, so any color except red.)
  • Welcome, Alecia! Bienvenidos!  As one who is bi-craftual,  may I say that there is always room in our "circle" for crocheters. The Boquete Knitters and Quilters is a tri-cultural group with ex-pat, Latina and Ngabe-Bugle knitters working together to make baby things donated  through various clinics in the district to the babies in need.  Yarn is available here, but is lower quality and higher price.  Our organization/charity generally orders mass quantities from the States once or twice a year.  We prefer to work with acrylics, as clothing is often washed in the rivers and beaten on rocks.  Between afternoon rains and generally high humidity, we've learned that cotton just does not dry quickly.  When we order, we tend towards Caron Simply Soft, Lion Brand Pound of Love, some of the softer Red Heart yarns, and things like that.  Bring your sewing machine (have it serviced before you come) and all your thread.  Thread can be hit or miss down here.  Hope this helps!

  • Have a big bag of it in my closet and friends who knit I'll check with. Will touch base with you later to figure out how to get it to you. Blessings

  • The Boquete Knitters and Quilters can always use more yarn. We love to use Caron Simply Soft and Lion Brand Pound of Love, among others. Yarn can be beautifully squished in Space Bags.
  • We will be visiting in June. What kind of items are needed?

  • Jeannie, you are an angel! You can bring it to the Tuesday Market held at the BCP and give it to Irene "The Book Lady" Haines, or contact me, Brandy, at 6846-3224. And thank you so very much!

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