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This is a discussion group where we can ask and suggest places to find certain items or where to go to get appliances, TV, etc repaired. This is a way of sharing this information wtith our community.

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  • Can someone please tell me where the new recycling center is thank you, Craig. My email is craiggremillion.ch@gmail.com or I am not familiar but I may get a response on this forum anyway thanks everybody
  • I am looking for two things: a very small young, playful puppy to be a companion to my 2-year-old MinPin.
    Also looking for an Amazon (yellow-top) parrot to be a companion for my bird who lost her best friend companion. Can anybody help me? Summer, 6701 4551 or americaninpanama@gmail.com
  • There was a computer repair shop run by Jason in Boquete. It seems to have disappeared No answer on his email or phone number. Anybody know what happened or if it moved somewhere else.?

  • looking to get our security camaras, ect, repaired,  any suggestions?

    Frank,  Caldera

  • Coming to Boquete 12/28 for 2 months. Are ATM's located only in banks, if so can anyone use? What fees do they charge? Are VISA debit cards accepted?

  • https://boquete.ning.com/forum/topics/miguel-the-fish-man

    Miguel the Fish Man
    He's back and seems to be recovered. Thanks to all who gave support.
  • where is a good place in boquete or david to buy fresh fish?

  • Thanks, Patricia, for your help.  We'll go see Juan.

  • For Linda Baker re computer repair. Juan does computer work and he could probably assist you with your problem. He is on the upper floor at San Francisco
    Plaza, where Scotia Bank is located. We have used Juan a number of times for computer issues, surround sound, etc. and found him knowledgeable, he always
    solved our issues.
  • NBC is showing the olymoics.....ustvnow.com is free

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