I'm fascinated with drones and would like to own one.  There are hundreds of different ones on the market and this group might be the place to discuss the pros and cons of some, as well as a place for drone-owners to get acquainted.

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  • I am a total newbie to drone flying. I am trying to sort my way though all the options of. Does anyone know of a place to purchase a drone in David? Possibly someone has a pre-owned one to sell....basic for a beginner?

    Thanks, John Alto B.
  • Hello guys,

    Haven't been flying long.  Will be in boquete to live starting april.  Will have my drone with me.  Hope to meet some of you.

    Larry Colson

    • Hey Larry
      Did you ever make it to Boquete?
      I have a DJI Mavic drone I am going to bring. What are the rules around Boquete area?
      Maybe see you then
    • Hello Anthony
      Did not make it here with my Drone but plan to have it here within two months. Didn't have room for it in the move here.
  • one day, hope you get to fly like this; (not my video or my flying skills at ALL!)


  • got any video to post? I've recorded a couple of my flghts.

    First one: 


    Second One:


  • Met a guy the other day that droned on for an hour.

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