Bonnie Williams replied to Denese A Rodgers, CLV Boquete's discussion American Citizen Services Outreach Bocas Del Toro June 6, 2019
"A cashier's check must be made out to "u.s. embassy panama." Panama banks require that this be exact."
May 31
Bonnie Williams replied to Alex's discussion Shipping to Chiriqui, from US?
"Ocean freight. But it will still be very expensive. Why would you want to incur this expense when appliances are available here?"
May 22
Bonnie Williams replied to Patricia Kehm's discussion Border crossing
"The current regullations, confirmed by the U.S. Embassy, is that a tourist visa is good for six months, after which the visa holder must exit the country for 30 days. Many people report having gone to the border and being required to exit into Costa…"
May 20
Bonnie Williams replied to Jeanine Badgett's discussion Boquete Facebook
"Either your friend is confusing this with some other group or you misheard the group name. I have never seen this kind of political discussion on Boquete Community Group.
May 16
Bonnie Williams replied to Soft touch's discussion Wells Fargo card issues
"I successfully withdrew $500 this morning from the Multibank  ATM."
May 1
Bonnie Williams replied to Bob Raksnis's discussion Retired military in Boquete
"You can't use Medicare in Panama, and private insurance is very expensive (and grows more expensive as you age). You can certainly "pay as you go" if you have substantial cash reserves. Otherwise, a catastrophic event such as a heart attack, serious…"
Apr 17
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Apr 10
Bonnie Williams replied to Rod Taylor's discussion Bringing your Pets to Panama from the USA or Canada
"The COPA page relates only to pets in the cabin. There is a cite at the bottom that takes you to the pets in cargo site. One thing they fail to mention is that you have to provide a photo of your pet both in the crate and standing beside it to illus…"
Apr 8
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AMERICAN CITIZENS SERVICES UNIT – CONSULAR SECTIONUNITED STATES EMBASSY-PANAMA  Passport expiring soon? Did you know it is faster to renew your U.S. Adult Passport by mail?    If you are over 16 years old and you need to renew your U.S. passport you…
Mar 27
Bonnie Williams replied to Kendall's discussion Is Anavilma travel agent still in business
""Usually" is the operative word here. Many people have stopped using her business because she is very late arriving and closed at random times. That's too bad.
Mar 27
Bonnie Williams replied to Bonnie Williams's discussion Multi-family Yard Sale in Boquete Classifieds
"Should you want to join us as a vendor, contact Pat Mains at"
Mar 25
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Mar 25
Bonnie Williams replied to Bonnie Williams's discussion U.S. Embassy Community Outreach in Boquete
"There was an error in the Embassy message, I'm afraid. The correct date is Thursday, March 28, 2018. Sorry I didn't catch it before posting."
Mar 18
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 U.S. Embassy PanamaConsular SectionAmerican Citizen Services Unit The American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit at the U.S. Embassy in Panama will be visiting Boquete, Chiriqui, on Thursday, March 28, 2018, to provide DS-11 passport and notarial servic…
Mar 18
Bonnie Williams replied to Suzi Arkebauer's discussion Dermatologist in Boquete Classifieds
"I have 774-0128 ext. 3225. Her email address is Karenzapata@clinicaflordepiel."
Mar 15
Bonnie Williams replied to Deborah Stone's discussion Does anyone know when the passport people from the US embassy will be in Boquette again?
"Daniel, I don't understand your question. Announcements of an upcoming community outreach are made here, on News Boquete, on Chiriqui Life, and on two Boquete Facebook sites. You can receive Embassy messages directly by enrolling in the STEP program…"
Mar 10