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DELL Latitude E4300 Laptop

1667538689_DellE4300.jpg.21b4bd6f7c4693e6c9a0e16e2e0f96ec.jpgNice and sturdy; good for students. The Dell Latitude E4300 is a powerful ultraportable machine  This 13.3″ notebook is powered by low voltage Intel Core 2 Duo processors and boasts an incredible battery life with no compromises in performance.

  • 13.3 "

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Wireless Video Microphone

1856659224_RadioShack.jpg.d5b535ca057d6146eeed8da4e5e3f703.jpgThe Radio Shack FM Wireless Video Microphone lets you add a professional touch to your video productions. With the microphone transmitter in position and the receiver mounted on your camera or camcorder, you can enjoy convenient cable -free audio rec

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