School Registration

  • Children entering Pre-Kinder, Kinder and First Grade do not require a validation process.
  • Original Birth Certificate duly authenticated by the Panama Consulate of your country of origin and re-certified in Panama by the Ministry of Foreign Relations
  • Student Visa by the Department of Immigration of Panama or proof of legal status
  • Students must present all original transcripts and report cards by their transferring school(s), plus one copy. Duly certified by the Panama Consulate in your country of origin, certified by the Panama Ministry of Foreign Relations and the Ministry of Education
  • All documents written in a foreign language must be translated into Spanish by an authorized public translator
  • To certify credits by the Department of Education (MEDUCA call 515-7500)
  • Health Certificate (includes all vaccines) and Blood Type
  • Placement Test (to verify knowledge at year level)
  • Psychological Test
  • Copy of Passport
  • 2 Photos (usually Passport size)
  • Registration costs vary according to the school, tuition fees, uniform, text books, transportation and meals also vary from school to school
  • Be mindful that Panama schools start in February and end in December, although some Panama City schools offer the international school calendar.
1st Trimester                               March 6 - June 2
Vacation                                      5th - 9th of June
 2nd Trimester                            June 12  - September 15
            Vacation                          September 18 - 22
      3rd Trimester                        September 19 - December 16
  • All high school credits and High School Diplomas must be authenticated by the Panama Consulate in the country of studies and by the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Panama. They should also be translated to Spanish by a certified public translator. Without this, admission to the University will not granted.
  • All Transcripts and Diplomas, must also have a certification by the Ministry of Education of Panama (MEDUCA)
  • Once a school reservation of pre-approval to the University has been secured, they must presented to the Department of Immigration in Panama so that they can have a Student Visa issued or present proof of legal status in Panama
  • Students with some College Credits must comply with the same guidelines of validation and translation, except that at time of University admission, they must mention these credits and comply with the requirements to validate said credits
  • If the student fails the University Admission tests, all documents will be kept for 5 years on file for readmission