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Costa Rica 2009

Park in San Ramon
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  • J...we really liked San Ramon and did see all the horses the day we left, on the way to the airport. One trailer had what looked like 20 horses in it! Well...I definitely did not look like a hiker in this pic! 25 lbs overweight here. I have lost this weight and am ready to go hiking! I do not like to climb, though, like scaling mountains...have not done it, but I have a fear of certain heights...funny, but some do not bother me and others do...can't explain it! Birdwatching is one of the things on my list, definitely want to go, J! We were in CR for just two weeks. The day we got there, was the day they had the big earthquake in the Poas area, which destroyed a little town. We met so many wonderful people on that trip, who we are still friends with. I loved it there, but Ken did not get the "feeling" like he did in Panama. Panama took our breath away! It is where we are meant to be, for sure. We will visit CR, after the move. It will be wonderful being so close to be able to do so. Do you go there for security reasons or fun? By the way, we are having trouble getting through to your email. Any suggestions?
  • Ahhhh, San Ramon... home of the biggest Topes (Horse Parades) in Costa Rica. Looking good! You guys look like you hike, are you interested in bird watching at all? We have a group that goes out..I go along to look for reptiles, yet end up finding birds. I only have a few species that make me chase them down with the binocs- The Mot Mot, Resplendent Quetzal and Bell Bird. Did you spend much time in Costa?
  • Ken and I in San Ramon, Costa Rica.
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