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Dogs in RV

Dogs in RV
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  • Tiko is a Shih-tzu. He is bigger than most though...20lbs. Sadie looks a little different now, than she did in this photo. She has lost muscle in her hiney and back legs do not work well at all. She is having skin issues again and is not feeling well at all right now. Vet says to bring her in when we feel it is time to put her down. Some days I have the courage and then it quickly passes when she feels good. It is like a yo-yo with our emotions. We think, "its time" and then she pops back. We will definitely have to when we move or if she is in more pain than right now. We do give her pills for inflammation, but I have noticed her breathing is not right, her front legs are extended out when she stands like she is having heart failure. We would like to keep her for one more Holiday, God willing!
  • 12 years old.. Wow, She's looking great! What breed is Tiko? Hard to tell by pic, but is there Lhasa in there? Very cute!
  • This is Sadie, our 12 yr old lab and Tiko, 2yrs...resting in the 5th wheel after a long walk on the beach.
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