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little Judith and family Auschwitz Album

In 1985, reading the Sunday newspaper,I saw this photo in the book reviews of women and children walking to their death at Auschwitz. The little girl in the middle behind two boys looked my only child, Monique! For the first time, I felt deeply the horror of the Holocaust as it became personal. I searched to discover where the photo had come from and after much effort discovered it was from a book known as the "AUSCHWITZ ALBUM". The original album was donated in 1981 to the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem in a special ceremony attended by then Premire Menachem Begun. Almost 20 years later and academic edition was published and I learned the name of the little girl, JUDITH! The 2 boys in front are Judith's two brothers, and one brother is holding the hand of their Mother. Behind Judith is her baby sister being held by the families CHRISTian nanny who refused to leave the family throughout their ordeal. All are walking to one of the 4 buildings with showers hidden in the Birch Groves and to their death. May God hold them all close in His light and all the victims of the Holocaust.
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