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My first and only tattoo

the number put on Lili Jacob the day she arrived to Auschwitz, May 1944. Lili was 18 and with her 5 little brothers, parents, both sets of Grandparents, and other family members. All died on arrival except Lili. December 44 she was moved from Auschwitz to Camp Dora in above Hannover, Ga. Found unconscious on the cold ground March 1945, by American soldiers when guards fled. Placed in German soldiers room to be out of cold by fellow prisoners she opened a chest of drawers looking for a blanket and found a photo album. She flipped the first page and there was a photo of her rabbi! Inside Lili found a photo of 2 of her little brothers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle, cousins and EVEN A PHOTO OF HERSELF! By a miracle on the day she is liberated almost a year after arriving to Auschwitz and hundreds of miles away, Lili found photos of the last hours her family was alive! The only photos ever taken of any train of any killing camp was the train Lili had arrived on! 200 photos taken by a Nazi photographer of the arrival, selection and walking to the gas chamber of victims. All non violent photos but showing the tragic end of women and children and elderly about to be murdered...In Lili Jacob's memory, who was my friend and like a Mother to me, and all the victims I came to know, love and mourn for...I am Catholic but love Israel and all the victims of the Holocaust.
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