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Can you Trust that (Medical)/Scientific Study?

Started by Louise Andrew. Last reply by Gordon Bakke 1 minute ago. 5 Replies


Started by Betty Gray. Last reply by Betty Gray 6 minutes ago. 9 Replies

Read My Lips!

Started by Gordon Bakke. Last reply by Walter Steiner 7 minutes ago. 3 Replies

Needed help with Boomer

Started by Raquel Frame. Last reply by John P. Ferguson 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

Animals for sustenance

Started by Kevin Robinson. Last reply by norman collins 1 hour ago. 19 Replies


Started by Nancy Bourque. Last reply by Marion Torgany 1 hour ago. 6 Replies

Notes from Borderlands

Started by Lux. Last reply by Dan &Lynda Frazier 2 hours ago. 2 Replies

What's happening in June in Boquete

Started by PA Fly Guy. Last reply by olga suarez 3 hours ago. 4 Replies

Straw or Hay Bales Needed

Started by Bob Probst. Last reply by Bob Probst 3 hours ago. 2 Replies

Behind the Scenes....?

Started by Erin Ross. Last reply by Susan Frank 4 hours ago. 3 Replies

Sunshine instead of Hydro

Started by Lee Zeltzer. Last reply by John P. Ferguson 8 hours ago. 10 Replies

FBAR filing

Started by Penny Barrett. Last reply by Michael 18 hours ago. 13 Replies

For Boquete's Birders

Started by Bernie Moscovitz. Last reply by Joanne Lashua 19 hours ago. 15 Replies

81st Spay/Neuter Clinic in Volcan

Started by Dottie Atwater. Last reply by Jet Metier 19 hours ago. 3 Replies

The Death Knell For Homeopathic Remedies?

Started by Gordon Bakke. Last reply by Walter Steiner 19 hours ago. 13 Replies

Cost breakdown for a home in PA

Started by PA Fly Guy. Last reply by Val 20 hours ago. 7 Replies


Started by marlene chymboryk. Last reply by marlene chymboryk 20 hours ago. 30 Replies

Boquete Guide

A message from the Alcalde of Boquete

Our current Alcalde is very different than the prior Alcalde. Lic. Millo Vasquez is trying to communicate with the entire community. In a joint project with Amigos de Boquete he is doing a video update to the community monthly. He is speaking in Spanish and I am doing an analysis in English. Both are posted […]

Changes in the wind for border hoppers

This article is a translation from La Estrella “Tourist visa which allows foreign nationals to remain, and to work for 6 months in Panama, could be substantially modified through the project 62 amendments to the immigration law. Yesterday in the subcommittee work, composed of the deputies Jorge Arrocha, Zulay Rodriguez and Manuel Cohen, was considered, […]

My Libertarian Enigma in Panama

A Libertarian believes in less government interference and greater individual rights. However with those individual rights comes the responsibility of filling the gaps left empty by the reduction in government involvement. Boquete has a wave of people from the US. Some are fleeing what they perceive as an increasingly socialist government. Some come to Panama thinking it will provide […]

A permanent Police presence on the Boquete David Highway

Day or Night, Rain and SunShine, our new fixed traffic cop will give comfort or strike fear. His point is slow down, considering the number of deaths on the highway I think that is a pretty good idea.   Some scenes from the curve at Brisas Boquetena.


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Latest Activity

Gordon Bakke replied to Louise Andrew's discussion Can you Trust that (Medical)/Scientific Study?
"Louise, you are much more diplomatic than I am.   :-)"
1 minute ago
Billie Gunn added a discussion to the group USA Politics
2 minutes ago
Lauren Granger added a discussion to the group Boquete's Business Rolodex

Need Quick Books Set Up

I need help setting up Quick Books for my business in private charter aircraft. Typically, we help with transporting pets and people whom commercial airlines can't/won't take. AirPropel needs someone to help with bookkeeping/accounting/Quick Books…See More
4 minutes ago
Louise Andrew replied to Louise Andrew's discussion Can you Trust that (Medical)/Scientific Study?
"That can be true.  The immunization "discussions" evidently have demonstrated that even when the scientific evidence is presented IRREFUTABLY it does not change the minds of those who simply don't believe in science because of…"
4 minutes ago
Dennis Burk Lintz replied to Boquete Electrical Solutions's discussion The American Police State in the group USA Politics
" Señor Gringo El Gato, do you support a police state?? "
4 minutes ago
Betty Gray replied to Betty Gray's discussion NEED FLEXIBLE STRAWS
"THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR CARING. JOANNE LASHUA FOUND THEM IN EL REY!  They were in the liqour dept and they are black.  I am just so grateful to have some.  I hope all who need them can get them before they are gone. Thank you, Joanne!"
6 minutes ago
Walter Steiner replied to Gordon Bakke's discussion Read My Lips!
"If they ever want to have a 21st century infrastructure, that's what needs to be done. But pssst...;-)"
7 minutes ago
Louise Andrew replied to Louise Andrew's discussion Can you Trust that (Medical)/Scientific Study?
"Dianne, I'm really not the expert because of course I get the medical literature directly, not the sites that do the translating.  We have had some very good links in recent discussions here, I've learned a lot from seeing how things…"
10 minutes ago
Dennis Burk Lintz replied to wryawry's discussion Thomas Paine: in the group USA Politics
"Good question for Señor Gringo El Gato"
15 minutes ago
Gordon Bakke replied to Gordon Bakke's discussion Read My Lips!
"I agree. Panama could, for example, easily generate a ton of new revenue simply by doing a re-assessment of property values"
38 minutes ago
Gordon Bakke replied to Louise Andrew's discussion Can you Trust that (Medical)/Scientific Study?
"One thing that is clear, you will NEVER convince someone who has set beliefs that those beliefs might be wrong. You can present every bit of scientific evidence, prove beyond a reasonable doubt that something is true, but if those facts and findings…"
42 minutes ago
The Zapadora replied to Louise Andrew's discussion Can you Trust that (Medical)/Scientific Study?
"Thanks for this Louise. Very timely and much needed. Could you post some science links you think do a good job? gracias, dlh"
44 minutes ago
Louise Andrew replied to Jet Metier's discussion Lee Zeltzer of Boquete Ning, Article in the Encore Section of the Wall Street Journal
"May I respectfully point out that there is a middle ground?  "
48 minutes ago
Lauren Granger joined Susan and Pat's group

Boquete's Business Rolodex

This GROUP was created to keep recommendations BASED UPON LOCAL PERSONAL EXPERIENCE for builders, contractors, subcontractors, service providers, businesses etc in one easy to find location.*** No advertising please - any posts should be based upon…See More
51 minutes ago
Louise Andrew posted a discussion

Can you Trust that (Medical)/Scientific Study?

It seems some of the most animated discussions on this forum concern sensationalistic headlines relating to our health, especially when it comes to toxins to which we may be exposed or conversely to healthful things we are privileged to enjoy, here…See More
52 minutes ago
Walter Steiner replied to Gordon Bakke's discussion Read My Lips!
"When a Gov't promises "no new taxes" they usually just hike the existing ones..."
56 minutes ago
Louise Andrew added a discussion to the group All things Medical, Dental, Health, Wellness, Longevity or related

Should you Trust that New Medical Study?

We are all seemingly misled on a daily basis by the scientists themselves, let alone the press grasping to be the first with headlines about some new study promising a miracle cure (or dire hazard!). NPR has a …See More
1 hour ago
Liz Parker liked Jeff Simon's group BOQUETE HOMES FOR SALE
1 hour ago
John P. Ferguson replied to Randy Pigott's discussion I need a RUM Barrel in the group Buy, Sell or Trade Stuff
"I used to make "swish" from old whiskey barrels. Put 2-3 gallons of water into the barrel, roll (swish) it around in the garden for a couple of weeks and you can get a decent product out."
1 hour ago
Liz Parker liked Lee Zeltzer's group Buy- Sell cars etc.
1 hour ago

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