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Hello Ning Community:
I have great news to share with you! I have joined new Ning Management Team, as its Membership / Events Director.  I spent the past few weeks exploring all the ideas with Bob Hunter and happy to report I look forward to join him & the team.   As many of you know, I have been a resident of Boquete for a few years  and very active in many community matters.  It also helps that I have a heritage background in Panama as part of the latin culture and also raised in the United States. I understand the differences and dynamic's of the expat community and hope my experiences I share can help the Ning community.  Although I am traveling for a few months, from afar, I am still very involved with all the happenings of our town. I do plan on returning over the next few months, with frequent travels in between for my new business opporuntities.
It is exciting to see the direction the new Ning management is taking and in turn, the tremendous opportunities this new direction will present to the community. Far from personal attacks and bickering, (but still enjoying stimulating differences).  Ning will focus on spotlighting the good, the innovative, and the unique. Enhancing the beauty of our town and all the good it has to offer; Its people, businesses, places, nature and much more. Ning will strive to be all its members hope it to be and Ning will work hard with our members to make Boquete a continued great place to live.
A new service we will soon be offering to our members is a “Hard-to-Get” products in Panama service; We will be opening a portal service where these liked by all, but hard-to-find, items are readily available by request, at affordable prices. ( you request, and we will have a team in place to purchase in the U.S. and deliver right to you in Boquete at a small add on fee.
Ning hopes to be a community portal where all residents, visitors and will-be residents can discuss issues and resolve any problems that the community may face,  in an amicable tone.  There will be community events of interest to all:  Select fairs, festivals, clubs and so much more we look to hosts. Please be patient and offer your ideas to me.
With the input from all you, I hope to make Ning a better “go to”source for all. I look forward to hearing from all of you and thank you in advance for your support in this new venture.  With ideas from you and hard work from me, this will be a success!
Olga Suarez
Membership /Events Director


Superman In Panama City


What time does parade start on Saturday?

Started by Gwen (Savoie) Manning 1 hour ago. 0 Replies

Traveling over Darian

Started by Jim Gathercole. Last reply by Bob Campbell 2 hours ago. 1 Reply

battery for watch

Started by Peter Markus. Last reply by Gwen (Savoie) Manning 2 hours ago. 4 Replies

What is Real Money?

Started by David Jones. Last reply by Val 4 hours ago. 23 Replies

Shipping PTY->CAN Experience

Started by Simon Richards 13 hours ago. 0 Replies

FREE - Kombucha SCOBY to make HEALTHY Kombucha Teas

Started by Jim McCormack. Last reply by Jim McCormack 17 hours ago. 2 Replies


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The Rock posted an event

Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival Fundraiser at The Rock at The Rock Boquete

December 9, 2015 from 5pm to 8pm
1 minute ago
Terry Klassen posted an event

Hiking for anyone at Accross From CEFATI

November 27, 2015 from 8am to 10am
Friday November 27th we'll leave at 8:00 AM from across from CEFATI, drive to and hike the La Estancia loop. This is a 2 hour hike on gravel roads with some steep long hills, level 7 for distance and difficulty. Bring water.El Viernes el 27 de…See More
1 minute ago
Violeta Brown posted an event

GARAGE SALE at Santa Lucía

November 29, 2015 from 9am to 12pm
1 minute ago
Gwen (Savoie) Manning posted a discussion

What time does parade start on Saturday?

Does anyone know what time the parade starts on Saturday.  One person told me noon hour but I was sure it's started early in the morning in years to pass.  I have no idea where to get this info.  Tried to google but that didn't get me anywhere.See More
1 hour ago
Bob Campbell replied to Jim Gathercole's discussion Traveling over Darian
"Some friends did this back in 2011.  They used a company was called: Panama Soluciones Logisticas Intl. They paid $2,150 for 2 cycles from Panama to Bogota.   At that time they…"
2 hours ago
Gwen (Savoie) Manning replied to Peter Markus's discussion battery for watch
"Hi Peter just saw your inquiry late tonight.  I can give  you directions to a store in David. He has the proper tools and can get it opened properly.  Actually I'll give you 2 possibilities.  I'll have to look them up…"
2 hours ago
herta bernbach replied to Peter Markus's discussion battery for watch
"Peter, I've been getting my watch batteries replaced for years at the jewelry store next to the social security clinic. However, I've had to go to David for my husbands watch. Don't remember the name of the store."
3 hours ago
Val replied to David Jones's discussion US Expats: No Taxes Paid / No Passport! Its Coming.
"I am going to try one more shot at this ludicrous discussion. #1 This has nothing to do with my political affiliation. #2 I had no real idea about what an extremist was - right/left wing was until I moved here - dang shame on me. Yeah heard about…"
3 hours ago
Val replied to David Jones's discussion 680K Muslims To The U.S. It's Not Panama, ( Should We Be Concerned?)
"Thank you Keith - as usual. We had a wonderful night here as a group of diverse people (sorry no invite this time) but in the future for sure. We celebrated good ole US Thansgiving - as the "host", I am not llena but tired! What a great…"
4 hours ago
Val replied to Peter Markus's discussion battery for watch
"Good question. Have a watch that just don't want anyone to open up. So instead, I bought $15 watch until I can take the other to a reputable dealer. But then I am thinking, why do I even need the other watch? Not looking to impress anyone"
4 hours ago
Val replied to David Jones's discussion What is Real Money?
"LOL - it's late but I believe my original response was deleted.. And I have no problem with that because I am sure, that I must have been attacked by someone out there. Thank you OLga for stepping up to the plate and you are IMHO, changing for…"
4 hours ago
H Gene Lawrence replied to Peter Markus's discussion battery for watch
"Peter, go to the search box at the top right and type in watch battery and it will take you to some possible help."
5 hours ago
Jim Gathercole posted a discussion

Traveling over Darian

Wondering if anyone has any current experience with moving a motorcycle or a vehicle to Columbia ? It seems like Ferryxpress is not running right now. Any leads would be appreciated.
5 hours ago
Peter Markus posted a discussion

battery for watch

Does anyone know where I can have a battery installed in Boquete.? See More
5 hours ago
Walter Steiner replied to David Jones's discussion 680K Muslims To The U.S. It's Not Panama, ( Should We Be Concerned?)
"It seems that "hatred" or "attack" is defined as anything that questions religious and political views of a specific group here. If there were any objective/fair moderating under the new management, this thread would be long…"
9 hours ago
Kelvin replied to David Jones's discussion 680K Muslims To The U.S. It's Not Panama, ( Should We Be Concerned?)
"I will second that Cloudless. Too bad we can't take it to a vote. Makes me count my blessings. I too could be a bigoted, hate-filled fear monger. I can't believe this forum is actually on Ning. Maybe it's a bad dream and I will wake…"
10 hours ago
Jim Tosch replied to David Jones's discussion 680K Muslims To The U.S. It's Not Panama, ( Should We Be Concerned?)
"Genia,I just looked up the recent history of Syria. It made me dizzy. If I were Syrian for the last sixty years I would be completely crazy , outraged or suicidal. It is interesting and tragic reading."
10 hours ago
Jim Tosch replied to David Jones's discussion 680K Muslims To The U.S. It's Not Panama, ( Should We Be Concerned?)
"Genia, it's hard to argue with your proposition when there are only 150,000 Syrians in the US. The odds of getting attacked by a Syrian are pretty low. Not sure I understand your point. Are you trying to say that Syrians are non-violent."
11 hours ago
Ralf Henrich posted a discussion

40 foot high cube shipping container in excellent condition

There are many Boquete Ning forum posts from individuals looking to purchase a shipping container(s) in the Boquete area. These containers are hard to come by especially in any kind of decent shape.Below is a picture of a 40 Foot High Cube shipping…See More
11 hours ago
Kelvin replied to David Jones's discussion US Expats: No Taxes Paid / No Passport! Its Coming.
"Could it be that the airlines use the low airfares to lure in customers and then hit them with the fees? Capitalism sometimes works in sometimes mysterious, unethical, and even criminal ways. You could spend a day reading about Goldman Sachs."
12 hours ago


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