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If you review most forums on the internet most are sadly filled with nothing more than personal attacks.  We always ask members to refrain and as new things happen with Ning we will delete all posts that attack others.  As previously mentioned, take the initiative to post in the member page(s) that best represent the subject matter.  We ask all political posts and personal views to be posted there.   Anything that is community related or newsworthy is for the general forum.   

* Our Forum is your community forum to engage, ask and inform your neighbors of valuable and helpful community interest(s) for everyone.  We encourage all members to use the forum often for everyone's benefit and enjoyment. ( Any forum post that attacks or is hurtful to any member or group of members will be deleted and the member will be terminated ).  

* Send us any updated information you may have to share with the community.* The official log in address for Boquete Ning is all others coming are redirects to us)


Click on classified tab will take you right to this group! For best results please follow the tips for success! (classifieds can only be posted in the classified section)


Many of our members want to contribute to the community without fanfare:  Now you can email us your private local or Panama related news or announcements for community interest. Email to: (not for business promotion ). All will be posted under our Ninger News Feed. 



Law Passed Yesterday

Started by Marie McMahon. Last reply by Alan Bollinger 55 minutes ago. 12 Replies

Please share your border re-entry story

Started by Tracy Etayo. Last reply by Alan Bollinger 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

OK so you moved to Panama but---

Started by Glen Fraser 1 hour ago. 0 Replies

Tuesday Talks at BCP -- "Saving Your Brain"

Started by Boquete Community Players. Last reply by T 1 hour ago. 2 Replies

Need custom mirror

Started by Joy. Last reply by Patrick 3 hours ago. 2 Replies

2014 Nissan Rogue Select For Sale

Started by Mindy Samblanet 13 hours ago. 0 Replies

Chilibre property price starts at 500 Dollars

Started by Erick. Last reply by Mike Petersen 13 hours ago. 1 Reply



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