Blue Trumpet Vine (Laurel Clock Vine)

This traditional Thai herb has been used since ancient times.  The fresh leaves are crushed to make a poultice applied to snake bites as well as venom from plants and insects. Blue Trumphet leaves are used to neutralize pesticides and other chemical poisons.   (1) T laurifolia  is used to detoxify the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.(2)

The antidote mechanism is primarily based on its strong anti-oxidative activity which can neutralized toxins even before they have a chance to react with our cells.

The blue trumpet vine is also an antipyredic (lowers fever).  Iridoid glucosides (isolated from T. laurifolia) cause the hypothalamus to override interleukin-induced increases in body temperature thereby reducing fever.

In the West, antipyredics are commonly used for pain relief.  Ibuprofen and aspirin are antipyretics used primarily to relieve pain. Non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, and pain relievers.

Other phyto-compounds found in thunbergia laurifolia include grandifloric acid, glucopyranosides, phenolic acids of chlorogenic, caffeic, gallic and protocatechuic, delphinidin derivates.

In Malaysia, the juice from crushed leaves of T. laurifolia are applied as a poultice for cuts and bites, and taken for menorrhagia (prolonged menstrual cycles).

The Blue Trumpet Vine is now very popular in Thai hospitals used for detox. Benefits include:

  • Anti-oxidative activity
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Neutralizing toxins
  • Hepatoprotective – liver protection
  • Reduction of genetic mutations
  • Drug addiction treatment

In the mountains North of Chiang Mai we find the Blue Trumpet Vine growing wild in the forest and it is also now being cultivated.  To achieve the benefits of the biodiversity provided by nature, Thai Freeze Dry uses wild harvested Thumbergia laurifolia. This delivers maximum biodiversity as well as purity.

In addition to the crushed leaves being used as a poultice, the leaves of the Blue Trumphet Vine are oven dried and used as an herbal tea noted for its detoxifying effects.  The mild infusion achieved by the tea cannot compare in strength to Dynamic Freeze Dried powder used in capsules or together with other herbs known to detoxify.

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