Matcha Green Tea Camellia Sinenses

Green Tea has been very popular as of late, but did you know that Tea has been used in the world of Chinese Medicine for over 5000 years! Buddhist priests from Japan returned after studying in China with Tea in or around 600AD. The Samurai warriors consumed this Tea to aid in their focus and give them the extra burst of energy to achieve the perfection of their art.

Matcha Green Tea for that reason is also known as Samurai Tea.

In Chinese medicine, the Tea was used primarily as an anti inflammatory. There are some very strong flavonoid antioxidants in The, the strongest being ECGC. Now studies are finding that these ECGC’s may help against free radicals to Heart Disease, Cancer and Clogged Arteries.

The Diet World, knows that these ECGC’s help us to burn fat improve cholesterol levels and reduce oxidative stress in the brain.

The Theophylline in Tea has been a time tested proven method to suppress respiratory illnesses including Asthma.

L Theanine is an amino acid found in Green Tea and is quite rare. This Amino acid seems to have a direct influence on brain activity. The L Theanine has the ability to pass from the blood directly to the brain. The result is an enhanced Alpha activity which translated into increased state of mental awareness or alertness and arousal. Research in Korea showed that L-Theanine improved memory, cognitive alertness and selective attention.

“Macha” green tea refers to whole green tea leaves that are ground to a fine powder without having been fermented, roasted or pan-fried. The more processed the tea leaves, the lower the polyphenol content. Macha green tea (used by Japanese samurai warriors since the 13 th century) delivers much more than an infusion typical of traditionally brewed teas. One uses the nutrient-rich whole tea leaf powder in a Juice, shake or smoothie. You receive benefits from the entire tea leaf.

What is exciting about bio available Matcha Green Tea, during the grinding or milling process traditionally used in pulverizing green tea into a powder, many destructive forces come into play. The friction causes destructive heat, hurting the phytochemicals, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, the grinding causes the cells to be destroyed and leaves fine powder with less surface area for optimum absorption and the final product is not as usable as we would wish it to be or as nature has intended it to be. Again, I am writing every week to inform you of what is about to come.

The products have been on earth for thousands if not millions of years. The disruptive Technology is the way we are now able to process these amazing products. Basically live and in a cellular state, ready to be easily absorbed by your body and ready to give is all of the health benefits they have to offer, and this is for THE FIRST TIME! That is what inspires me and I hope to inspire you as well to take your health into your own good hands. I am providing you the materials in which to educate yourselves and at some point, when they are ready, I will give you a direct link to the manufacturer. That’s it for today

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