What do Super Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs Really Do?

What do Super Foods really do:

As your physiology comes into balance your self-healing, anti-aging capabilities and overall potential reach their highest natural levels.  

Strengthening and adjusting one area of the body will set a process in motion that can move sequentially to other areas of the body to achieve holistic balance (homeostasis), optimum health and performance.

While we address a specific part of the body or one particular health issue aiming at a specific result, these herbs are, in fact, treating the body as a whole. They empower (stimulate and assist) your body with the capacity to produce a cure through your own natural biological functions. This helps to explain the remarkably wide range and long list of health benefits attributed to these amazing botanicals.

Life is holistic. Nature sees, understands, and responds with balanced solutions that operate through patterns of association and encoded information in the collective organization within our bodies and in the extended relationships and interaction with other biological systems and the surrounding environment.  

As humans, we can’t see nature as a whole.  The things we don’t see result in incomplete, transient and unbalanced responses that inevitably produce negative side effects.  This is the problem with allopathic medicine which very often helps one area, but at the expense of another area.  Nature views reality as a whole and generates balanced responses complete in all details.

Incorporating these herbs into your daily routine is a sound investment in your most precious asset.  Partner with your health care professional on determining your own health destiny.

AMALAKI:  Ayurveda’s  “ Great Rejuvenator”

Highest levels of naturally occurring Vitamin C in the plant kingdom contributes to high antioxidant capacity and other health benefits of Vitamin C.

Powerful cleansing agent for the entire elimination system including intestines, colon, liver, kidney and bladder.   Clearing accumulated waste and toxins promotes optimum natural functioning of our bodies. Cleanliness of arterial walls and healthy cholesterol levels support cardiac functions .

Stimulates the Master Glands (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis) to promote physical refinement, self-healing and longevity through the conscious creation of balance.


*Increases oxygen intake and utilization and, at the same time, increases cellular ATP levels resulting in REAL increase in usable energy in contrast to externally stimulated energy that may later result in burnout.  More fuel (increased ATP) to burn combined with more oxygen to burn it with results in legendary performance and endurance.

*Increases sperm production, testosterone, erectile function and libido.

*Kidney health, a cornerstone of overall health, is supported by cordyceps.  Fatigue, impotence, anemia, hypertension, joint and back pains are all symptoms of poor kidney health that can lead to critical stage kidney disease.  Angiotension converting enzymes promote dilation of blood vessels, lower blood pressure and help preserve renal functions.

MORINGA  The “Tree of Life”

A great natural energy boost that reflects the strong energy and rejuvenating power of the Moringa plant itself. One of nature’s  most highly nutritious plants.

Moringa’s nutritional qualities hold promise for millions of impoverished communities around the world who lack protein, minerals, and vitamins and is an excellent dietary supplement for today’s active lifestyle.

Modern science supports traditional uses that include lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, and calming the nervous system.


*Noni is a very hardy species which can thrive just about anywhere .  The adaptive mechanisms inherent in the genetic makeup of noni are carried in its phytochemicals.  The ability to adapt is a defining condition of life central to our existence and basic instinct to survive.

“ The wide range of health benefits attributed to Noni are all related at the cellular level.  Noni assists cellular structure and function to promote coherent balance (homeostasis) which affects your entire being.  In balance your self-healing abilities are at their highest levels.

Vital phytochemical compounds in Noni improve blood pressure, cerebral blood flow, memory functions, and immune system. Noni provides relief from debilitating pain including Arthritis and has a calming, relaxing effect.


Strong digestive enzymes support immune functions and detox   Indigestion, acid reflux and heart burn  are relieved as the  enzymes in papaya leaves digest potentially toxic waste and kill H. pylori bacteria that cause inflammation to sooth the GI tract and bowels.

*Papaya leaves contain high levels of powerful antioxidants that boost your immune system and help to fight colds, flu, and relieve high fever and painful symptoms of dengue fever.

*Papaya Leaf contains 50 or more amino acids.  This rich amino acid profile assists in anti-aging and overall well-being.

BLACK RICE – “Emperor’s Rice” reserved for the Royal family and court in ancient China was correctly believed to extend life expectancy.

*Black rice has a super-satiation effect, contains a rare  antioxidant C3g which burns fat,  and is a nutritionally well balanced functional super food that holds the key to efficient and healthy weight management.

*The Archives of Internal Medicine, June 14, 2010, cites a Harvard School of Public Health study which found that Black Rice lowers the risk of diabetes/.

In the deep purple flavonoid pigments unique to Black Rice we find high levels of anthocyanin antioxidants.  “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” determined that anthocyanins are significantly associated with prevention of hypertension.   The wide spectrum of health benefits of antioxidants is a well- established fact.

MANGOSTEEN:  The “Queen of Fruits”

Powerful, life-enhancing bio-active and bio-available phyto-nutrient compounds are found in abundance in the pulp (rind) of the mangosteen fruit. These include super strength antioxidant compounds.

*Scientists have demonstrated that compounds in mangosteen directly interrupt the chain of events leading to inflammation as effectively as potent anti-inflammatory drugs but without adverse side effects

The flavonoids of dark chocolate, catechins of green tea, Vitamin C of oranges, carotene of carrots, proanthocyanidins of grape seeds and polysaccharides of aloe vera are among the nutrients contained in mangosteen.

JIAOGULAN :   The “ Herb of Immortality” 

*An energizing herb that combats fatigue, increases vitality and endurance, speeds recovery, heightens mental alertness and enhances longevity.

*Increases the body’s natural abilities to respond to all kinds of internal and external stress.  Jiaogulan grows best in stressful high-altitude conditions:  high winds, hot days, cold nights, and extreme rains during rainy season and drought conditions during dry season. This high level of adaptability is part of jiaogulan’s genetic code..  What jiaogulan does for you when it enters your body is a remarkable reflection of how it survives and prospers in the wild.

Intelligently responds to balance our physiology by raising and/or lowering given conditions until they fall into normal parameters.  This “bi-directional” balancing activity (unknown in allopathic medicine) produces measurable results which cannot be explained by chemistry alone.  Jiaogulan responds to intercellular messages that indicate the location and nature of an imbalance and in which direction and what degree an adjustment is required to normalize the condition.  Jiaogulan responds to direct the body to normalize its own functions.


*Polysaccharides found in Plu Kow are recognized by our bodies as foreign substances.  This  activates, stimulates and potentiates our immune system.

Immune support is proved by NK (Natural killer) white blood cells,  T- Cells (which poison invading cells),  B cells (which provide antibodies)  Interleukin B1 cells that promote autoimmunity,  polyphenols which prove strong antioxidant actity, ) and a host of other immunomodulatory mechanisms

Phytochemicals abundant in plu kow provide anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral protection.  China used plu kow as a major ingredient in their response to SARS and plu kow is well known and used extensively in Asia.


*Matcha green tea contains caffeine which provides long lasting stimulation, but the presence of a rare amino acid (L-Thenainie) combined with caffeine takes away the “ jittery edge” of caffeine alone.  While green tea has less caffeine than coffee, the stimulation is clear and green tea may produce a more stable, more productive energy for many people.

* L Theanine crosses the blood brain barrier to exercise a direct influence on the brain helping to combat stress, improve memory, reaction time, an alertness and attention while it increases the activity of GABA which has anti-anxiety effects and increases dopamine and the production of alpha brain waves.

*Antioxidants, most notably ECGC’s, in green tea leaves help us to burn fat, improve cholesterol levels and reduce oxidative stress in the brain.  Polyphenols such as flavonoids and catechins add to green tea’s powerful antioxidant protection.


*Spirulina is nature’s most complete food and has the highest level of protein concentration by weight compared to any other food source – animal, vegetable or mineral.

*Spirulina is a natural source of phycocyanin, a pigment-protein found in chlorophyll with strong anti-inflammatory properties and which strengthens the immune system particularly when it has been weakened by toxic drugs.

Spirulina balances brain chemistry, builds and purifies blood, enhances the immune system,, improves eyesight, promotes healthy hair and skin and helps to reduce allergic reactions.

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