Why MANGOS should be in your DAILY DIET

The island of Roatan has experienced a rainy season and it looks like we will have bumper crop of Mangos! I just went out and picked myself a nice selection of fresh beautiful tropical mangos. This inspired me to write todays blog. I hope you enjoy!

MANGOS are not only delicious in their various stages of ripening but are full of Vitamins like A, B6, B9, C, E, K, phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Fiber and are full of antioxidents as well.

From Green, to semi ripe, to fully ripe and super juicy, mangos can be eaten in a variety of ways. Personally, I like my mangos just before they ripen at times. The texture is firmer and I find that they are a bit more acidic that way. I also can not resist a perfectly ripe mango, full of juice and that unique smooth tropical honey like flavor. Here on the island and most of Central America, people like sliced green mangos with vinegar, salt & pepper in Thailand, with salt, pepper and hot spice.

Now lets talk about the many health benefits of the Mango….

Anti Cancer qualities….

Mangos have some cancer fighting potential. They are full of polyphenols, and bioflavonoids like beta carotene and alpha carotene. From protecting cell damage to prevention, cancer can be fought against with these naturally occurring natural fighters.

Your Immune system will benefit from the vitamin C and the Vitamin A. Mangos also carry 25 different carotenoids that help to ramp up immune system process.

Your blood pressure can be lowered due to the high levels of potassium.

Mangos iron helps you in the production of red blood cells.

Mangos help to alkalize the body because they contain magic, tartaric and citric acid.

We all know that carrots help our eyesight but few know that mangos have beta carotene, alpha carotene and beta cryptoxanthin that all aid in the vision spectrum.

Mangos are full of fiber too! Soluble and insoluble fiber that provide a number of benefits like stabilizing levels of blood cholesterol and help prevent diabetes.

The malic acid from mango’s helps our bodies digestive system.

How about our skin? Mango’s are full of antioxidants that help protect our skin from the damaging free radicals that cause premature aging.

Here are a few interesting Facts:

  1. Studies are now showing that mangos can help in weight loss
  2. In several countries, mangos are called the fruit of love and are generally believed to give an increase in the vigor in men. The mango is considered an “Aphrodisiac” in these regions.
  3. Mangos are glutamine acid rich and this acid is a protein that aids in our memory and concentration. Mangos are fed to children before testing in school with the belief that this will aid them in their concentration and recall.

For me, mangos make a great base for my smoothies.Take a satchel of some bioavailable superfoods like jiaogulanmoringacordycepsnonimangosteen,spirulinaplu kow, amalakimatcha green tea and some germinated black rice powder and make a variety of life changing, health changing, nutritious power smoothies every day. The time has come to take our personal health into our own hands. The addition of a mango a day into our daily diet just makes everything a little more special with its unmatched taste and texture!

Keep tuned, soon we will have all these bioavailable superfoods to ingest every day. I will keep you informed and up to date.

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