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 ARC 20 liter per minute on demand hot water heater. This unit kept shutting down because of back pressure from my shower; so, I had to replace it with a smaller 8 l per minute unit. I set  it aside the last couple of months as a spare for one of my larger units, but it is just collecting dust and in my way.

Jim Fuller, jhf1420@gmail.com, 507 6352 0608 WhatsApp.

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  • Hey Jim do you still have the water heater. I am interested, please call Rod 507-6282-7016

    anytime is fine.

    Thanks in advance!

  • HI again Jim,

    Yeah, batteries were dead. Heater is working BUT water doesn't get very hot. Also heavy gas fumes, unit is sputtering sound with about 1 ft flames and black smoke coming out of the top. I do believe it's not working so good...

    If I bought yours is there any way you could help with the installation?

    Leo in Jaramillo

  • Hi Jim, do you still have the water heater? My place uses 2 with one for washing machine room at least. I noticed just recently no hot water in there? But the unit itself the digital indicator screen is not lighting up at all. Might just be batteries, 2 D cells looks like so I'll change those first. Whenever I can get them that is... Im NOT a plumber, so I'd need one I guess.

    Leo from Jaramillo

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