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Hello all, 

To sell you Item, Add a Discussion , commenting at the bottom, does not add a discussion for your item.

So many members want the classified section to be more diverse.  So many of you are interested in old fashion barter exchange.  Now you can put your offers out to all the members and see who bites!  Have fun, you never know what you might trade for! 

Here are some tips we suggest all members should use to have a successful sale on Boquete Ning classifieds.

1) Offer a descriptive overview of what you are selling.

2) Tell potential buyers upfront your price, Do not make people guess!

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4) Check and respond back to your Ad post a few times per day, potential buyers are looking to buy now, not days later.  Be responsive.

5) If you are comfortable, offer your email and or cell phone # in the ad, so those who are serious can reach you immediately.

6) Inform everyone on your ad when it is sold and or relist it to a lower price if you are really motivated to sell it. ( Care about fellow members by informing all when it sells).

7) Good communication with honesty about the item(s) for sale is really important.

8) Be as specific as you can with stating "Sell, Buy, Barter or Wanted"  Try not to leave members guessing,. 

Good Luck!  

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Note: to offer something or request something go to bottom of discussions and add the item or request. comments are, well, comments.

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  • welcome back
  • Knaack 4824 Jobmaster on-site job box with casters.


    6483 9306

  • looking for a golf cart, type with a seat in the back,  good for 4 passengers.

    Frank  Rio Encantado, Caldera   60904951

  • Sunday is the day to place your order for fresh organic produce and free range chickens and eggs from Finca Santa Marta for delivery to the Tuesday Morning Market in Boquete or drop off in Dolega or David on Tuesday afternoon.


    We also delivery to Volcan on Friday afternoons. Contact us for more information.


    Check out some of our specialty organic vegetables including long Asian type cucumbers, kohlrabi, jicama, purslane, Georgia Jet sweet potatoes, and lots more including fresh cut culinary herbs.


    Want to start your own fresh herb garden? Check out our healthy herb plants for sale. Order today in advance of the market to avoid disappointment of us being out of the plants you want.


    We sell local, premium organic coconut oil or imported organic coconut oil. Also we have food grade diatomaceous earth available and 1 lb. packs of Epsom Salts.


    To order see our web site at http://www.fincasantamarta.biz/


    Questions or comments may be emailed to me via our web site or you can phone me, Ron, at 6459-5218.


    Ordering deadline is 7 am Monday morning so we can harvest fresh for you on Monday for Tuesday delivery.


    Thanks for supporting your local organic farm.

    Ron and Kim Miller and all the FSM crew.

    Welcome to Finca Santa Marta S.A. - Growers and Distributors of Organic Produce and Other Natural…
  • Buenos dias from Finca Santa Marta


    Today is the day to place your order for pick up at the Tuesday Morning Market in Boquete or drop in Dolega or David on Tuesday afternoon.


    Check out our web site at http://www.fincasantamarta.biz/ to see what all we offer and/or to place an order.


    We have a limited amount of Jackfruit available at our tables in Boquete for early arrivals at the market. First come – first served. 10-15 lb fruits at $1.00 lb. Not familiar with Jackfruit??? Google it.


    We again have premium imported organic cold pressed coconut oil in limited amounts.


    We always have fresh turmeric, ginger and galangal along with kale and collard greens. Okra is starting to come on as it is a dry season crop here in Panama.


    Please recycle your fiber egg cartons or flats at our table. And pick a dozen or 2 of our free range chicken eggs with dark orange yokes. Just like Mother Nature intended them to be.


    And our free range meat chickens are always a treat. My favorite is crock potted with celery and carrots.


    Questions or comments? Phone Ron at 6459-5218 or email us though the web site. If you call our office number 777-9229, be prepared to leave a message and call back number.


    Have a great day… and Have Fun in Panama. ;-)

    Ron and Kim Miller

    And our FSM crew.

    Welcome to Finca Santa Marta S.A. - Growers and Distributors of Organic Produce and Other Natural…
  • For sale 14 foot aluminum fishing boat with trailer, 9,6 Sea king outboard 2 stroke, Tralered from Calif, excellent boat. Priced at 3,000, registered legal in December 2017 for 2018.  

    Jim 6568 4422 call msg or emIL


  • Looking to buy a used treadmill..  reply here..  thanks


  • Selling this car for 10500.  

  • I am interested in ornamental trees, fruit trees, and native trees in 5 to 20 gallon containers or burlapped.

    David Stewart

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