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Keurig K-Classic K50 black pod coffee maker

Keurig K-Classic K50 black pod coffee maker still in th sealed factory box - delivered this week. It sells for $149.99 on Amazon where I bought another one, plus 7% tax plus $25 shipping here from Miami. That's $185.49. I would sell it - still sealed in the factory box for $150 firm. That's $35 off.

The first 4 years we were here we pined for our Keurig coffee maker, but shipping seem to hassle, and they are too large for luggage. Now I have two.
 jhf1420@10826258254?profile=RESIZE_710xgmail.com or WhatsApp 6352 0608.

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  • I just checked on Amazon; one listening says it's gone to $175. The other one says it's been discounted $109.99; so, to be fair I will accept $110.

  • Someone asked about refills.I have the refillable pods that I refill with my favorite local coffee - fresh ground. My wife likes some of the specialty coffees and we buy those from Amazon. The pods available at Novey and Rey's are wrong for the Keurig coffee maker. Someone has told me that Super 99 in David has them; we've not shopped there.
    Servitech does not ship food over the low priced nautical shipping, but Eliecer does permit the coffee pods; so, it's not expensive to buy from Amazon, and they have a huge selection of coffees and even other drinks in the Keurig pods.
    Resupply is not a problem.
    Excellent question, thank you for asking.

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