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long term caretaker wanted.......

Long term live in caretaker wanted for charming country cottage in Guayabal de Boqueron......2200 ft elev, better climate than Boquete. Out of the crazy wind....perfect road.....fully furnished 1bdrm +2 lofts, 1bth....carport, washing machine, all applicances........you pay utilities, and live for free.....tons of fruit trees, ocean views, beautiful rivers with swimming holes on two sides......gated and fenced property......35 minutes to david, 25 mins to Bugaba or Vulcan........Alan at dumluk1@hotmail.com

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  • Hello Alan,

    Sent you an email!

    Elizabeth and James

    • Hello Alan, your mail bounced back to me...I tried using the gmail below. I will call you tomorrow after 4 if I may on whatsapp. Looking forward to speaking with you. E

    • Your email bounced back? And it was sent to that gmail address? That is weird..........whatsapp calls dont always work well up hre.....I generally just make regular phone calls. They work much better..........or I use skype....Skype works fine here..........whatsapp chats are ok, but the calls are usually very weak....They obviously require more signal or data or both.........


    • Hi, your email did not come thru.....Try again at abolllinger011@gmail.com or call me at 6525 1845


  • I sent you a long reply and it seems to have disappeared from the screen ! Gees ! I am not tech savy at all ! If I called you around 7PM tonight, would that work for you ? I am not sure where you are located on the map relative to Boquete. What timeframe are you looking at for someone to come and stay there. I will be leaving here effective March 3rd but can leave a bit sooner if need be. Let me know if 7PM works for you and thanks.

    Lisa Marie

  • Dear Alan:

    A good man sent me this advertisement. My name is Lisa Marie and I currently live in Boquete. The climate is lovely but it is extraordinarily noisy and quite expensive. My monthly pension just last month reached the Panamanian minimum in order to apply for residency. I need to leave where I am by March 3rd and I have been looking at a very basic casits in Dos RIos, among the locals, a very quiet place.

    Originally, I am from Northern Maine, along the Canadian border with Quebec and New Brunswick. I have been traveling to different parts of the world for the past 6 years. I had found my "permanent" home in Nicaragua for two tears but, as you may well know, it is no longer safe for extranjeros to reside there. This is in part a direct concern but the reality exists also that Nicaraguans associating with foreighers is dangerous for them. 

    This past Summer, I sold my house/home in Maine. I no longer have a home base. The little casita I am looking at requires work. I am not averse to this but I am now 63 and not as my mind imagines, 40ish ! (:  For right now I live alone but I would want you to know that I would have visitors and, if necessary, a couple of dear Nicaraguan friends, who may need temporary refuge in the future. The two are young, professionals and very hard-working. Currently, they are holding their own but safety varies from day-today for them and I worry. They are family to me.

    Perhaps, I have scared you off. I hope not. It would be great to come and visit. Do you have a sense of the month utility bills ? Also, I do not own a car. Do the buses come by? I do very much hope to hear from you one way or the other. Thanks so much. 

    Lisa Marie

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for writing.......Yes, please come by and take a look at the place and we can discuss everything to know if it will work for you...I dont want too many people in the house for any serious length of time.......A couple would be ideal........the house is 1000sq ft under roof, but has two lofts inside, one of which I use as a guest bdrrm and the other as storage..........Normally the elect bill is cheap, somewhere between $14-18.....but since Oct Ive had issues with Fenosa, and they have tripleed the bill.......Apparently it has been happening all over to many people....I have a claim against them now with ASEP the consumer agency. The company wants to blame it on my fridge......So I am unplugging it at night now to see if it makes a difference........my ph. # and whatsapp is +507 6525 1845....yes the property is on the bus routes........give me a call or a chat and we can set up a time for you to come visit.......Thanks,   Alan


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