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Refrigerator - Samsung 26 cubic feet - $500

This large refrigerator is six years old and fully functional except for one flaw.

The frost-free system causes a small puddle to form in and under the deli tray almost every day, removed with a couple of sponge passes.

I've given up attempting to solve the problem and I am replacing the refrigerator with a new one, which will be delivered Tuesday, Feb. 23.

It is big and heavy and available in my driveway at Lucero next Tuesday afternoon for $500, your muscle and your transportation.

Height: 70 inches - Width: 36 inches.

James. 6839-9421 (w/WhatsApp) or 730-8335.8576211667?profile=RESIZE_710x8576212461?profile=RESIZE_710x8576212300?profile=RESIZE_710x



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