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  • Need several window screen repairs and one replacment; replace bulbs in ceiling lights, install gas tankless heater; pack and move various items to storage at Chiriqui Storage; install shelf for 42" TV; and more.  

    Please call to discuss.

    Marcia Scott

    Unit 301 Valle del Rio Condo


    • Marcia, you did not leave a phone number. Thanks, Craig 

    • Marcia, forgive me I replied to Boquete ning do not reply yesterday after receiving your comment. I've had my ad for 6 years but the format has changed. I can and would be glad to help you..Can you EMAIL me at craiggremillion.ch@gmail.com so I can come see what you have or do we continue communicating like this? Sorry for the confusion. So I need exact directions and coordinate a time to come. Thanks very much, Craig Hebert

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