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Hello Summer, we are trying to remedy your problem.  As mentioned it might be just you as are not having complaints from others that we cannot solve. Please advise if you see this post and or email me directly as listed on Ning, contacts.    

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  • Does anyone know of a good homeopathic doctor and a source for homeopathics?

  • I personally don't like the taste and found it hard to cook with and add to my food so I made a tincture and only have to take a few drops daily. I have a limited amount I can make available (just "brewed"). If interested contact  Lvanderkar at gmail dot com.

  • I use 1lb year of turmeric powder.  I'm now out and in need of a Panama source....any recomjmendations

    good health to all:  Bob

  • Summer, this is a great group and I love all the things you are posting here.  My husband Curt and I are firm believers in taking charge of your own health and apparently you feel the same way.  Sorry we won't be seeing you at the TMM anymore.  Keep up the good work here, though!

  • A good group

  • Hi everyone, just want to let you know, that I want to offer the services to treat people with my "Rife Machine". It is a electro-medical devices, that helps to eliminate or zap parasites and get rid of pain from different ailments, if you are interested in getting treated with this device you can research on the net in more detail about how it works. You can call me at 644-675-31  

  • Does anyone know a good source for whey protein powder in the area?  I've looked and can't seem to find any.  Gracias.

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to the group & I hope someone can help me.

    Someone told me about a woman named Rima (I think that's her name) who has a vibrational machine of some kind?

    Does anyone have her number?

    I'd like to visit her.

    Thank you


  • Re growing ginger, several years ago I planted a piece of ginger from the store, and now I have a hard time controlling it.  It just won't stop.  I don't want it in that flower bed anymore, cause it's so cheap at the stores, but want it or not, I've got it, seemingly forever.

  • Kathy~ I have been seeing fresh tumeric root at the Santa Marta organic veggie table at the Tuesday market.  I bought some, but haven't yet figured out what I am going to do with it.

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