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My Lola.... posing for the camera
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  • we placed a add on here about someone wanting to adopt our (sally) a 5 year old yellow head, we are going back to Colorado, and she would not do well there. she is our sweet baby girl, really loving , talks a lot, just beautiful.

    we need to find her a good home with other birds, everything she has goes with her for free to the right home and person, would you be interested?

    Rodney and Estrella

    66661092  or rodstarcr@yahoo.com

  • The one I found took a long time to trust, somewhat.  I tried to find the owner, and found that a girl might have owned her, who's boyfriend would throw the bird out when he got drunk.  They had moved away, and I made no effort to find them.  Did post her on the parrot websites here. I found her breeder, who found the new home.  Since we are not staying in the country, moving a boxer and horse is enough.  Take care, and thank you for sharing!  Abby
  • Abby:


    I am not sure but I guess that if you buy from a pet shop they will give you any kind of permit to keep the bird.  Problem was that people when very deep into the jungle and cuaght the birds very little in their nest and the mortality of those infant birds was high.  Also some methods they used to keep the birds were so terrible that those birds were vey sad and distrustful of humans.

    I know that Lola is very happy.  She is the queen in our house.  And of course I will appreciate to spend a couple of hours talking about the adventures of our birds as family members.

  • Yes, I know they are protected.  I have heard some terrible stories about kids glueing their feet to sticks and selling them on the side of the road.  Does a shop give you a permit to keep the bird?  I am bringing a big cage and lots of toys when I come.  It has a play top.  I will also get a stand.  They are a lot of work, but so much fun. Dino lets them sit on his head and walk all over him.  Life without pets, I just can not see it....
  • They are so smart.  I trained one to go back to the cage to go potty, just by asking her and praising her, just like a dog.  I had a yellow fronted (same yellow on head)  She was a very good talker.  When she had her bath, she would sing the song "I am singing in the rain, I am happy again".  Learned it really fast.  When she got to breeding age, her personality changed and she would bite very hard.  I have learned a lot since then about dealing with that.  If ever you and your wife are in Boquete at the same time we are there, perhaps we can exchange parrot stories.  I have never heard of a yellow forehead, wonder if it is the same as the yellow fronted, same amount of yellow.  We also have yellow headed.  These, along with the African Greys, are know to be the best talkers.  I am more into their personalities then how much they talk, after all, I can not fly.....
  • Abby:


    I forgot to tell you that last week I went with my wife to Melo Pet Shop in Albrook Mall in PC and saw they were selling at least 6 parrots there at $250 each.  This pet shop have permits to sell this bird.  You know that they are endangered species and are being protected.  It is probable that you could find some in David if you would like to buy one and make it a bilingual parrot.  That would be nice.  I imagine my Lola speaking in english..LOL



  • Abby.

    Lola is a full proud panamanian female parrot.  And yes she is from the same you see flying in noisy flocks in Panama, even Panama City.  She is a yellow "forehead" Amazon.  She loves my little boy a lot.  She is starting to learn some words.  Love fruit juices and she is crazy for Coca Cola.  When it is hot in PC she sings aloud for rain and like to take a bath under the rain singing and wide opening her wings.  She walks around the house looking for the boys and exploring.  She loves to play hide and seek....well what can I tell you.  She is one of the  member of the family with some rights and privileges.  Roger 

  • Roger, What kind of parrot is Lola?  Is she one of the native birds that we see flying in flocks from time to time?  I have had three parrots over my lifetime, and really enjoy them. Lola looks like an orange wing amazon.  I had one that I found, tamed then found a home through a parrot rescue.  She loved men, held me in modest esteem.  Abby
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